Scope And Benefits Of Sssts Courses

A construction site is a place of multiple activities. Different heavy and light equipments like machinery and manual devices are used at such sites. It is also a site where special care has to be taken in order to prevent any mishap or accident. Therefore, the personnel present at a construction site need to be aware and trained in risk management and the basic concepts of maintaining health and safety skills on site. This is especially important for people in supervisory roles.

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme SSSTS courses are specifically aimed at personnel in supervisory roles. The main aim of these courses is to update the safety and health knowledge at work place and construction sites. They also serve to propagate the legislative and regulatory rules in safety and health. In the following sections, the scope and benefits of these courses is outlined.

Scope of the course

The main focus of these courses is to identify and effectively manage the various risks at construction sites. In order to achieve this goal, the following main areas of study are included:

  • Case studies with special emphasis on the number, types and details of accidents at work place and construction sites.
  • Assessment of risk in different areas like occupational hazards, fire hazards, electricity hazards, demolition, height hazards and confined spaces etc.
  • Detailed study and comprehensive analysis of National Health and Safety Acts, Approved Practice Codes and Legal documents pertaining to health and safety at workplace.
  • Special emphasis is given to describing the different facets of the role of the supervisor at construction sites, especially for health and safety assessment and management.

Key objectives of the course

By taking various SSSTS courses, the following objectives are met:

  1. The participants come to know about the mandatory legislation in health, safety and environment, that guides their duties.
  2. The course participants are able to implement the guidelines related to health and safety, as defined by the relevant authorities.
  3. The participants are able to identify and manage risk and understand the importance of method statements at work site.
  4. The course participants will get an in-depth understanding of the various laws and regulations regarding the health and safety at construction sites.
  5. The participants will be able to identify core and potential problems at the work site and will be trained to handle them.
  6. The participants will be able to carry out regular site inductions and be able to instruct to their subordinates accordingly.

Who should attend these courses?

These courses are especially pertinent for supervisors, first line managers, team leaders, or those who are going to start in these roles in some time.

Course assessment and certification

The candidates are assessed based on their performance in examination papers in the form multiple choice questions. In addition, regular progress is monitored throughout the course duration in the form of group exercises and projects. Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate, which is valid for a few years, is issued.

Health and safety at the workplace is of utmost importance. The state laws have made clear guidelines regarding the same. It is imperative that the supervisors are aware of these guidelines and able to manage a risk situation. These courses make sure that the above objectives are met.

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