Walkera Rodeo 110 inside Racing Drone

Originally considered to race outdoor, drones are nowadays becoming more and more used inside. By the walkera rodeo 110 you could fly your drone in a more small and restricted atmosphere and still relish the similar experience than with any additional drone on the marketplace. Small as a palm plus very light, the Rodeo 110 will amuse you plus can even be used for competitions. Moreover, very supple, this is the faultless drone toward race with your friends inside when the climate isn’t clement.

Foremost features
The F3 Controller scheme is a full-featured plus stable controller permitting you to fly your drone precisely the method you want. It is equipped with self-stabilization style as well as an un auto-stabilize mode. You would be able to switch among then in the wink of an eye. As a very compacted and simple drone, you could fly it at high speed by no problem.
The camera is furnished with a 600TVL HD wide-angle camera continually giving you a clear sight plus image. You can moreover adjust the direction 0°~45°. Lastly, the Rodeo 110 provisions a high power real-time image broadcast and supports image broadcast power 25mW/200mW.
Extensive life battery
Small volume plus sturdy power does not mean small endurance life. Distinct other regular drones that could only fly 2-3 minutes, Rodeo 110 prospered at uniting high efficiency power scheme through a high-performance 850mah Li-po battery. Because of this technology, the hovering time is up to 7-8 minutes, which could be more than the dual compared to other drones on the marketplace! Do not hesitate extended and acquire yours on Wellbots! The charging time is around 30 minutes that means you could fly uninterrupted if you purchase a couple additional batteries by the drone!
The Walkera Rodeo 110 is crash-resistant as it is made of wonderful strength carbon fiber permitting impact resistance in addition to erosion resistance. The baseplate width can reach 2MM, by forearm arch design plus overlong discharged exterior that can decrease the chance of are breakdown effectively. Do not be scared of collision any longer and fly your walkera racing drone underneath any environments. In the meantime, there is high-strength defensive canopy for motor plus camera, upsurge its crash-worth.
The Kopter is actually tiny. It is so trivial that one would anticipate Coreless motors. In its place, sincere brushless engines are connected. This is not completely new, however for Walkera this is an enormous leap onward.
FPV is executed with a verified solution. Analogue 5.8 GHz video broadcast with a solid 700 TVL camera by extensive angle lens. As is the case by the newer Walkera models, it is moreover possible to function the Kopter with its own remote control scheme. You can usage both SBUS and PPM.

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