5 Popular Brands of Hypoallergenic Comforters

When it comes to comfortable, relaxed and quality sleep, the kind of beddings you use definitely have a direct impact. Down comforter has become a popular choice for many people both in homes and even major hotels.

This is informed by the fact that they are comfortable and also nice looking compared to blankets and other options. Getting the best hypoallergenic comforters does also work greatly especially for people with allergy issues. If you want to enjoy warm, soft and comfortable sleep, below are some of the most popular hypoallergenic comforter’s brands based on quality and user reviews.

  1. Downlite

Downlite comforters are rated highly especially because of their high quality and have been used in both homes and major hotels. With many years of production, the enterprise has become a respected name in the industry. The bedding company produces their quality comforters by securing their natural fill, washing and sorting the same through a rigorous testing process.

The elegant comforters are perfect for soothing people with allergies and you can sleep well without sneezing or having any kind of trouble. The durable comforters have a fluffy loft and unique quilted box construction to prevent unnecessary clumping of the filling.

  1. Ogallala

Ogallala Comfort Company has been known for their environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic comforters for many years. The company uses completely natural materials to manufacture their comforters and blankets something that helps prevent against allergy escalation especially in people with allergic problems. Ogallala stuffs their comforters with 70% Hungarian goose plumage and 30% Hypodown® (patented combination of syriaca clusters). The natural hollow fiber (Syriaca) is synthetic material made from milkweed plant and not treated to guarantee user safety at all times.

  1. Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast is also a great company for hypoallergenic down comforters especially when you consider some of their products made using allergen-blocking stuff cover. One of the most popular hypoallergenic comforters from Pacific Coast is the AllerRest whose down is cleaned to reduce the overall allergens which are naturally found in goose feathers. The brand offers allergy-free guarantee for certain duration to help you test and confirm that allergens won’t be triggered.

  1. Pinzon

Pinzon is also a top hypoallergenic comforter brand which offers different comforter ranges right from lightweight to heavyweight options. Mostly, the hypoallergenic down comforters come with 100% hypoallergenic polyester fill and 100% cotton shell. Their down comforters guarantee comfortable warmth throughout the year and offer sewn-through, end to end box construction.

  1. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is yet another major hypoallergenic down comforter brand you can trust. Most of their comforters are made using polyester fill and cotton cover. Their thread count is also impressive as well as the fill power. They come with self piping and baffle box construction. Eddie Bauer has some of the best hypoallergenic comforters in the market which are machine washable and different warmth variations.

With any of these brands, you can be able to keep yourself and family warmth during the different seasons of the year. They vary in quality from each other and not given in their order of popularity.

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