If You Are a PhD Student, Start Making To-Do Lists on Daily Basis

There might be too much of load on your mind to submit your thesis on time. While pursuing PhD, pressure mounts many times and depression seems to be peeping in. It is at this time, when you have to stop doing all chores and make a to-do list on daily basis which will make sure that you won’t lose focus.
Think if you were a PhD student and you have made final preparations to get a degree. Now is the time for you to finish with your thesis and submit it on time, but, you fail to keep up with dates and deadlines and consequently, your thesis Chapterscould not be submitted on time.
This situation can arise with any student even when if he has a firm grip on the topic along with skills to formulate an outstanding thesis. The only reason for missing out on deadline in this case is poor time management. So, let’s discuss the importance of deadlines:
Make a final to-do list: Mark each task when it is finished. As the day passes off, you will be happy to see the quantum of work you finished in a day!
Make deadlines: Pick a sheet of paper and mark the number of days you have with you to finish your task.Now, list all tasks you need to complete in the limited days you have with you. Highlight the deadline you have fixed to complete each job.Make sure that you are setting realistic goals for yourself that are being attained or else you will emerge as a failure.
Be focussed: Stay away from things that may distract you. You have to ensure that you are not using your precious thesis time for things that are not going to help you in the long run.For example, you might be reading a journal where there is an article which is interesting but of no help to you. So try to avoid wasting time in reading that article with the help of Chanakya Research. In fact you can book mark that page and read it later when you work is done within the set deadline.

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