Best Practices For Every E-Commerce Website

In the next three years, the ecommerce economy is expected to continue its upward march exponentially and rapid growth. As a business owner, this is a promising and intriguing opportunity for success and sustainability. Whether you are a veteran in E-commerce or just taking baby with the launch of an ecommerce business, there are some best practices one must follow for a success.
E-commerce site SEO
SEO Analysis Periodically
Neither an E-commerce site SEO is static, nor is SEO static. Both are continuously evolving. One’s site and code are changing regularly. A developer will fix one problem but may create another. Formulate and use strategic SEO framework to ensure that everything is in synchronized with your economic and strategic goals.
Use Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster tools are free and help webmasters find and fix SEO problems. Look out for 404 errors, soft 404’s and other problems. Analyse how your website, products and pages are performing on the SERPs.  Integrate Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords and Google Analytics to get valuable information for free.
Monitor and Take Action
 Only monitoring data is not sufficient. One must identify the actionable items to continue improving. Identify problems with duplicate content, indexing, manual penalties from Google and fix the problems promptly.
Invest In SEO Tools
Identify problems and get prospective solutions by use of tools like Moz, Search Metrics, Raven SEO Tools, and Deep Crawl. No single tool can do all the things and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Set up actionable reporting structure and. Establish time bound routines to address problems.
Do Regular Random Testing
Use tools to identify problems with pages and sections of your e-commerce website. Pick one product segment that is important and do a detailed analysis within specific categories and subcategories.  One can track down site-wide problems caused by your content management system which can be quickly fixed.

Data Analysis Is the Key

Everything one does can be done better, with better resources. There always will be limitation of resources. One needs to analyze and prioritize areas for improvement. Make a list or a dashboard of actionable items and revisit it regularly.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
Mobile and wearable devices are growing at a breakneck speed. Delays in developing your mobile site can prematurely kill online business. There is a tendency of next generation E-commerce sites to be mobile only. Improve upon the experience offered to this segment.

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