An Architectural Marvel In Jodhpur The Umaid Bhawan Palace

Rajasthan is a fascinating place that is loaded with wonders is perfect to explore and particularly when you plan to have a tour exploring the royal mansions, forts, havelis and many more. To see the fabulous attractions that reflect the Rajput culture and tradition you can visit the princely state which owes a few special places. Jodhpur mostly referred as the Sun City is one place known for the exceptional beauty and grabs the attention of people with a great historical significance. Founded by Rao Jodha in 15th century, this region of Rajasthan allures every traveler and there are innumerable sites and forts around the region that are worth of visiting. One must visit destination is the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur and this was constructed by Maharaja Umaid Singh. 

Tourism in Rajasthan

About the palace

 This Palace in Jodhpur was built in order to provide employment to thousands of people and was started in 1929. The construction style of the building is much impressive and the panoramic view of the royal residence mesmerizes visitors. The whole construction includes 347 rooms and the vast fort is divided in to three parts in which one is managed by a prestigious chain hotels and the other part is used by royal successors. The third part is filled with all the antiques, automobiles and various other interesting aspects which are permitted to see.

Attraction of the palace

 The most unique construction which got completed in 1943 stands as a pride and is one of the recent royal mansions. The well maintained royal residence and other are actually attractive and a part of the palace is converted in to a hotel. The stones utilized in the construction are unique and very special which are known as Chittar and due to this building was even called as the Chittar Palace. The opulent construction in the mesmerizing ambience is to be explored and visitors can explore the vast collection in the palace museum. Starting from the automobiles used by the royal families till the antiques and other precious objects the reveal the charming heritage and the culture are exhibited in the palace museum.

Appealing beauty of the palace

One must stay in the Umaid Bahwan Palace hotel and enjoy their holiday in the magnificent place as this part of the palace offers a finest experience of the holiday. Along with a luxurious stay one can enjoy seeing the Ind0- Saracenic architecture which is actually much mesmerizing. The construction style of the magnificent palace makes it to be an architectural marvel which is to be witnessed. The beauty of the nature is to be enjoyed from the balconies and especially the view of sunrise and the sunset are not just wonderful but is even extraordinary. Apart from all other attractions the architectural brilliance of the palace along with other attractions makes the place a very special and open must visit location of Jodhpur.

So spend time by staying in the heritage hotel the Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel and even make some time to explore the marvelous collection in the palace museum as well as the classy royal residence during the holiday.

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