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A Wonderful Christmas Stocking Present Which Will Last The Whole Year

The MajiMuku Forest Children’s Storybook is a milestone in children’s literature for a few different reasons.
It has nine inventivestorieswith interesting and unique characters which create dynamic, interactive situations that result in conflict, compromise and generally lots of lessons being learned. One of these is a story entitled “A Christmas Present” is full of both magic and music.
For young children these stories can be invaluable because they teach through the animal charactersthat individuals have legitimate differences that must be addressed and dealt with in a constructive way. So for its readers, the stories become‘edutainment’ as well as entertainment.
Teddy Hayes the author of the stories, music and videos says that he purposely infused the animal characters with the kinds of human personality traits and issues that children could recognize and learn from. The main characters in the stories have many of the same inconsistencies that affect humans. For example Ropopoleythe intellectual animal leader is an insomniac bear who can’t hibernate and as a result spends a lot of time promoting his entrepreneurial skills while at the same time struggling with his own lack of charisma. Another flawed main character is Clappety Cat, a vain polka dotted cat who is constantly in trouble because of her perception that she is special and therefore deserves to be recognized as such as thus treated differently from other animals in much the way a celebrity might behave.The human similarities will make readers laugh as well as think and shed light about behaviour in general which is the goal of these children’s stories.
The author says “In this way the stories point children in the direction of seeing that solutions are not always easy and that often times it takes cooperation to get things done in a constructive way.”
In addition the author has added a workbook with vocabulary and questions to stimulate the reader to reflect on what is being taught in each story.And taking into consideration the appetite that the young have for video, the author has created a number of links that bring the characters alive with catchy music videos.
To top it all off there is a downloadable kid’s birthday party package inside thiseBook that can be also be used just for fun at any time in the year.
This eBook is well planned andseeks to reach children on different levels.
For the price,this eBook is a very good investment not only for the enjoyment of children but for their growth and education as well.Everything is downloadable to your computer or reader from Amazon,
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