Jungle Survival – What Essentials Should Your Backpack Contain?

A jungle safari is always exciting, whether you are doing it for the first time or not. To ensure that you are able to navigate properly in the ever-surprising world of nature, you need to plan. For ensuring your survival you need to ensure that your backpack contains all the stuff that can be critical to your comfort and safety. Some tips:
Tools and Gadgets
Since you never know what you will encounter in the wild, you should be ready for as many situations as you can think of. Make it a point to include a sturdy compass or better still, a handheld GPS device that you can use to find your way when you are lost. Carry a flashlight with a couple of spare batteries. Also, include a flare gun that you can use to indicate your position to search parties. Include a lighter and a kit for starting a fire, a nylon rope, a folding shovel, a small ax, as well as gloves. Pack in a fishing line with hooks, sewing needles and thread, razor blades, as well as some nails. Don’t forget to include a good multi-tool; pick a model that has both regular and serrated blades, carbide knife sharpener, pliers with a wire cutter, as well as a bottle and can opener.
Jungle Survival – What Essentials Should Your Backpack Contain?Jungle Survival – What Essentials Should Your Backpack Contain?
Food and Drink
The amount of food and drink that you can carry depends on whether you are exploring the jungle on foot or in a vehicle, however, it is best to assume that in a critical situation, you will be on foot so the total weight of your backpack is important. It is best to carry dry foods and dehydrated stuff that can be made edible with the addition of hot water. Camping stores will offer you a wide variety of dry food and you can also buy crackers, jerky, granola bars, chocolate, chewing gum, and whatever strikes your fancy, as long as using it is not complicated. You can also pick up prepackaged meals from the stores near Tadoba hotels, which are convenient, lightweight, and easy to prepare.
Depending on the location and the time of the year, you can expect large swings in the temperature between day and night. It is a good practice to wear layered clothing so that you can stay as comfortable as you like. Carry adequate clothing and underwear as well as a windcheater, a heavy fleece jacket, and an outer jacket that is waterproof. Sturdy hiking boots are essential but also include a pair of sandals. If the land is expected to be marshy, water shoes should be considered. Do carry a hat as well as a scarf and gloves.
Ensuring that your backpack is properly packed is crucial as an improper distribution of weight can make walking difficult and even stress out your knees and back. Small items that may be required more frequently can be put into the side pockets while the heavy ones should ideally be in the middle where your back can take their weight more easily.
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