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Why a lot of athletes are testing positive for Winstrol?

So why are many athletes testing positive for Winstrol? This is actually a case that Sherlock Holmes needs to solve. With the lack of participation from the people that took it, most people can only speculate.

  • Maybe it was common being taken by friends?
  • Maybe this was the popular choice for these people?
  • Maybe this was given to them for free in secret?
  • Maybe this drug’s exposure online were very popular that many athletes using this?
  • Maybe it’s easier to get this drug versus the other ones like it?
  • Maybe this drug was the best among the rest?
  • Maybe they were being sponsored secretly?

We can ask too many questions and without the people that confessed and really got in trouble with it sharing to answer on why are many athletes testing positive for Winstrol? We might not have known this but we can already provide some facts in order to answer this:

  • Doesn’t retain water/ diuretic effect
  • Lean body mass preservation while metabolizing fats
  • Has a mild effect that is safer to use
  • Highly effective
  • Have increase endurance and strength without the mass
  • Prevention of lean tissues
  • Bone mass preservation
  • Aid in healing bone fractures
  • Obesity treatment
  • Increase in energy

Things to ponder: Some are found in other steroids but Winstrol has been the wide choice for many, we can safe to say that a part of it is popular but not entirely. What you need to know is that even if Winstrol is a great drug and most widely used, this drug should never be taken for granted for the reason that it is very dangerous if overdosed. There’s a saying that too much of anything is bad and when there’s drug involved it’s very much true.
Education: When taking Winstrol you need to really be careful even of it’s safer than other drugs out there it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to overdose the drug. Stick to the normal dosage prescribed, if you skipped a dose never double dose in the next interval but continue on the dosage until you finish your cycle and just make an extension for a few hours for the one that you missed.
Before you even take this drug you need to consult the experts and not just read online. Get their expert advice and gain some knowledge on how you can properly maximize its use.
Different preparation had various applications and dosage, you need to be aware of this before you even try, it helps when you read the label.
Adverse reactions: There are many side effects that you can get from Winstrol but the most dangerous are the danger signs. If you notice the danger signs you need to go to the hospital right away to get treated, remember that even if there’s a risk in body building when you are taking drugs it shouldn’t be something that can endanger your life. Always be safe all the time, you’re not at war; your body building. No one is supposed to die when body building so you need to watch out for it.

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