5 Free Conference Call Service Alternatives to Skype

Skype, a leader in free conference call services, is available for download as a client on a PC and in a mobile version with Android and iOS apps. It allows you to talk to more people for free, up to a maximum of 10 (although 5 is recommended to maintain good conversation quality).
Yet, Skype also has its weak points such as basic features of its software, etc. So what are other free conference call services? Here we will introduce six Skype alternatives.

  1. Google Hangouts. Particularly appreciated because it’s very integrated with other Google services (mail, calendar, drives, etc.), unlike Skype, Google Hangouts conference call does not require installing a program, but only a plugin, and is also available for mobile devices. In addition to group video calls (up to a maximum of 10 people for the free version), you can also try the live version to propose a content publicly, or “home”, and in a simple way, streaming a lesson or an event.
  1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting.Well-known by its 100-participant free plan, ezTalks Cloud Meeting provides business of any size a chance to host online meetings or employee training with no cost. Besides, the software also offers HD video, high quality audio and free screen sharing features to make the process smoothly and efficiently.
  1. UberConference. Free in its basic version that allows, like most video conferencing services, up to 10 people to talk to. Available for PCs and mobile, in particular it offers the ability to easily transfer the call from smartphone to PCs in case you have to leave the office and the statistics, which let you know who has spoken a lot, who little and who nothing in a conference call.
  1. InstantConference. The service where the famous Rondee has come through allows free group calls with 10 participants, with a limit, free version, 5 calls per month and a thousand minutes of conversation. This service, as well as others, allows the recording of the conference so that you can listen to it, see it or share it with others.
  2. ooVoo. Free best video chat that allows up to 12 participants (2 more than free competitors), the ability to send files up to 25 Mb and record videoconferences and then share them on YouTube. In addition to PC and mobile versions, this service is also available for Facebook.

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