Undeniable Importance of Psychometric Tests in Recruitment Processes

Talking about psychometric test, the word psychometric refers to the measurement of mind.Unlike facets like education, experience, skills, appearance and punctuality, the behavioural personalities and traits of a candidate can be much tougher to assess during an interview.

This is the reason that many employers choose to use online psychometric test during their recruitment procedure to help give a better general evaluation of an applicant and hopefully secure the most suitable fit for the role.There is debate over the worth of psychometric testing; however, those who use it feel that it can give a much more objective overview of the character, weaknesses, strengths and working style of a candidate. In a typical sense, a psychometric test is never going to be used in isolation, but as one constituent of a wider, combined evaluation strategy.

For employers, psychometric testing can prove very helpful to measure the future performance of a candidate and all being well improve employee retention by making fruitful hiring decisions.

How can psychometric testing can aid recruitment decisions?

Psychometric testing can measure a couple of attributes such as intelligence, motivation, critical reasoning and personality profile. An interview procedure can be justly subjective and although employers will usually assess the skills and experience accurately, many can still be left to the gut instinct regarding allied values.

A psychometric test aims to cater measurable, objective information that can offer a better all-round picture of the suitability of a candidate. It might be argued that psychometric testing caters some scientific credibility and objectivity to procedure of recruiting. It perhaps caters a much fairer and correct way of assessing a candidate, as all the applicants are going to be given a standardised test.

In a traditional way, such tests have taken the shape of pen and paper, manifold choice questionnaires, but progressively they are moving into a digital kingdom. It simply means they can be swift and easy to assimilate into any stage of the recruitment procedure.

Some companies often favour psychometric testing as a method of screening and later eliminating huge amounts of candidates at the beginning of a recruitment initiative. In such a case, psychometric testing might help to radically reduce the workload of hiring manager, as it assists to quickly identify a tinier puddle of suitable candidates who have the potential to perform well in the advanced stages of the interview procedure.

Verbal and numerical test

This technique is used to give an indication of ability of a candidate to process both the verbal and numerical information while working to a specific time limit. Such tests are conducted either prior to or on assessment day, both on or offline.

Generally, the recruiters measure how people differ in their values, motivation, priorities and opinions with regard to diverse tasks and situations. In terms of personality, tests can give a sign of working style preferred by a candidate and how they interact with both the environment and fellow workers.

Thus, it is needless to say that online psychometric tests can change your recruitment drive in a very effective manner. Certainly, things will get clearer and better!

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