Remedies to get rid of Soft tissue injury

Our body is made of up a lot of different parts which include bones, cartilage, tissues, and muscles. Growing up means all the body parts are growing slowly and gradually to perform all the functions they are meant to perform, like our muscles help us to move. Cartilage is nothing but a kind of muscle that is harder than our skin and softer than our bones. Sometimes while playing or maybe while doing any activity, we sometimes injure ourselves, hence it is very important to take care of even a small issue in the body. Injuries are of various types – sometimes it is a bone injury that refers to any damage that happens to the bone, some are soft injuries that are majorly the muscle injury that most of us don’t take seriously.

In a few types of research, it was found that soft tissue injuries might lead to some really big problems. Soft tissue injury is basically an injury which is soft, not hard like a bone injury. There are different types of soft injuries that include

  • Tendon injury
  • Muscle strains
  • Mayo facial tissue rupture, joint capsules and some skin and connective tissues
  • Ligament sprains

How to manage soft tissue injury:

As per the professional advice, if you find out that you find any injury or pain, then the first thing to be done is to quickly consult a doctor for a quick diagnosis to find out what part of the body has been injured. But, if reaching a doctor is taking longer, then you can follow the below-mentioned guidelines-

  • Complete rest to avoid pain and further damages to the tissues
  • Massaging the affected area with Ice after every 2-3 hours can give you relief
  • Compression leads to minimise the swelling and helps in supporting the injury.
  • Elevation- keep the affected part elevated to maintain proper blood circulation.

These factors are supposed to be kept in mind at least for 48 to 72 hours of the injury to avoid more damage and ensure a quick recovery. There are many other soft tissue injury treatments that can help you get relieved from the pain.

There are different phases during a soft tissue injury, and these phases define the severity of an injury

  1. Acute phase – During this phase, soft tissue injury leads to heavy bleeding and swelling of the injured body part, which requires a quick action to be taken before it turns to be worst.
  2. Sub- Acute Phase/ Repair Phase- When the injury is little settled, and the tissue has started getting repaired.
  3. Late stage/Remodelling stage- This is the period between six weeks and three months when the tissue is almost repaired this is considered as Remodelling stage.
  4. Chronic Phase- This phase is basically the time when tissue undergoes regular repair and remodelling to ensure the injury has properly been fixed.

Hence, doctors always advise that if you have some soft tissue injury, you should take it seriously.

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