The Conservation Efforts to Protect the Hawaiian Birds

The land of Hawaii is a hub of bright culture, tropical beaches, and several other aspects of biodiversity. Drawing hundreds and thousands of tourists every year is Hawaii and along with them, most of them are nature enthusiasts who wish to get to see the most of the bird life that are found there.

The Pacific archipelago has always been a home to a wide variety of exotic birds like the Akikiki, or the ‘I’iwi to name a few. These birds are just few of the Hawaiian birds that are counted as endangered.

Not just in Hawaii, but birds in general across various parts of the world are facing extinction ever since man started cutting down trees and removing them of their natural habitats. These birds have nowhere to go and yet they struggle a lot to go and get some food and survive in this man made metropolis. But sadly, while many succeed, many like these birds face extinction.

Exploring various reasons for extinction:
Birds across the world have tried to survive through deforestation and have even taken to visiting and feeding from farms or even from random trees. But they are constantly under threat from invasive birds or animals themselves like foxes and other animals. They also get hit in large numbers on glass windows or glass façade of modern upstate buildings. This said, the red-colored Hawaiian honeycreeper or ‘I’iwi is succumbing to various threats that are slowly killing the birds. The bright colored rainforests in Hawaii that once housed many of these bright- feathered birds are slowly losing these inmates due to mosquito infestation.

These bright birds are known for being very cheerful too. But that said, the Hawaiian birds have become a concern and looking at the bigger picture, only responsible birdwatchers and federal organizations or bird conservancy organizations who have risen to this situation are doing something helpful to these birds.

Measures to protect these birds:
It is not right to depend on federal organizations to do their best efforts while you continue cutting down trees. Deforestation had been the first nail that had reduced the number of these birds and therefore, to get back the Hawaiian birds back on the trees, it is essential that migratory birds as well as native birds get their homes backand they do not have to go extinct.

People have to realize that birds and animals belong to the nature and form a singular support of a pillar in the ecosystem too. So, helping birds stay alive and flying in the sky is going to be a duty or responsibility of everyone.

There are organizations that work towards creating awareness about the dwindling numbers of the birds worldwide. Only creating awareness might not help if the entire population is simply going to continue cutting down trees randomly. So, it is not just the problem related to the birds in Hawaii alone, so, efforts should be given to ensure these birds lead a peaceful life. 

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