How to Raise Your Facebook Game

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world. Still, with well over one billion users, you may feel as if you have a small place in a giant world. Regardless of what others do, you can have a big impact on Facebook. Here’s how to raise your Facebook game and do so quickly.

1. Amplify your profile. Assuming you already are using Facebook, it is important for you to raise your profile’s visibility. Indeed, the best way to do that is to complete every step in the profile, by offering a full description about your business and linking to same. You are also given two photo opportunities to identify what you do — a profile picture and a background photo. Make smart use of these photos to tell others a story about your business.

2. Add a daily update. Just as you update your website or blog frequently, it is important to add a daily update to your Facebook page. This means if you are posting a new article to your own site, that you include a summation of that same article on your Facebook page. Add in the appropriate link back to your site and related photos. Each time you do this, you’ll increase your overall post reach. Then, check your web analytics to see how people moved from Facebook to your website and discover what action they took. Tweak your campaigns to improve your reach accordingly.

3. Share the best materials with your readers. Who do you follow on Facebook? Chances are you have people and businesses included in your stream. There is also a good chance that some of those updates are valuable and should be shared with your own readers. In doing so, you do two things: 1) you add content of interest on your Facebook page, and 2), you gain the recognition of an ally for sharing their content on your site. Together, both can increase your readership and provide conversions to your own site explains Best SEO Companies.

4. Tie it in with Twitter. As important as Facebook is to your business, Twitter should not be overlooked either. Indeed, Twitter messages can bring customers to your site that Facebook might not reach. To that end, you can tie in your Facebook updates to appear as tweets on Twitter. To do this, you’ll first need to log in to your Facebook account. Then, look for the link to begin making the connection. Next, click on “link my profile to Twitter.” After that, click on “authorize app” a step that will allow your Facebook account to post to your Twitter account. Lastly, press “save changes” and you’re done. From this point on, any updates you make to your Facebook page will be shared on Twitter.

5. Review your analytics. You keep tabs on your web page’s analytics. You need to do the same with Facebook. Here, you can access the analytics through your profile. You can also have Facebook send weekly updates. Make a point to study these changes and observe how your campaigns are faring. Traffic tends to go up and down, but you can enjoy a steady increase simply by employing the steps already mentioned.

Your Facebook Game

Like any other social media site, Facebook can seem like a big game. And it is. It is also a game that you can win, but unlike sports there can be many winners present. Thus, by cooperating with others and sharing their information, some will do likewise and help bring fresh traffic to your site.

Finally, if making these changes is a bit overwhelming, then consider hiring the services of an SEO professional to assist you. Such individuals are skilled in social media too, making their services even more valuable to you.

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