The Chahal Foundation: Changing Lives

A young child with a mediocre background, striving hard to fulfill his basic needs, becomes the youngest millionaire of America! No, it is not a story from a movie, but the real story of the most eligible bachelor of America, Gurbaksh Singh Chahal aka ‘G’.

An insight into his early life:

This Indian American entrepreneur was born to a Punjabi couple who moved to San Jose, California, when G was just four years old. He grew up as a traumatized child, bullied for his traditional turban, which every Sikh wears as a religious symbol. He was the youngest of 4siblings, and had seen his parents struggle hard to make a living.

He always dreamt big and wanted to do something in the field of online advertising. He dropped out of school when he was just 16 years old and started his own company. His first start up was “Click Agents”. It was sold for $40 million to “Value Clicks” within a couple of years.

Blue Lithium:

In 2004, he started his new company in partnership with Krishna Subramanian, by the name “Blue Lithium”, which was an online advertising network. In this company they used advanced data analytic to consider behavioral targeting, which was then used to improve campaign optimization globally.

Its headquarter was in San Jose and had offices in London, Minsk, Paris and across U.S
It was named the Top Innovator of the year by “Always on” a venture organization in 2006.

Yahoo bought Blue Lithium for $300 million in cash on September 4, 2007. Blue Lithium was later known as Yahoo Advertising.

With this he became the youngest and the fastest grown millionaire on earth, who was just 25 years old when he had $ 100 million in his account.

The Chahal Foundation:

The Foundation was earlier started as‘The Be Proud Foundation’, which was formed in August 2012 to make people aware against hate crimes. It was in relation to the Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting. It was a very tragic day where 6 people were killed and 4 others were wounded by a gunman.

Later, the trust was renamed as ‘The Chahal Foundation’ in 2014, in order to support other social causes and help the society.

The main focus of the foundation was to ensure that the basic right of education was made available to each child.

G himself is known to have gone to underprivileged housings, schools, and community centers to voice his belief of having societies across the globe where every child is given the freedom of basic education. Only then will the future generations get the freedom of dreaming big and working towards achieving their dream.

He has always spoken about the challenges children are facing in getting their basic nutritious food; playgrounds and libraries as a missing feature from many schools,while providing education for a minimal, affordable fee.

He is a man of his word. He has taken several steps to help provide basic education to children worldwide. He has given funds for schools and has announced various scholarships globally, in US, UK, India and Africa.

Students have benefited greatly from his generous endeavors, by giving them the opportunity to enrich their lives. Those who are helped by the Foundation are never asked to repay the money, but G wants them to be the change, which the world is awaiting. He has always advised to forward the help in the form of “mentor ship”, be that of an individual or a group of people, at any given point in time.

He considers Steve Jobs as one of his mentors and quotes one of his famous lines -“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

He firmly believed in giving back to the society a portion of his success, for that made him experience real happiness and peace of mind.

The foundation created a platform where “to be happy” was the common dream and universal right of people from all over the world. The team of the Foundation emphasized that everybody had the right to live a happy life, free from fear, irrespective of his social status, religion, lifestyle and looks.

Apart from providing basic education, the foundation also deals with other social causes:

  • Improving schools and the education system in the third world countries.
  • Providing university scholarships and mentor ships globally
  • Creating awareness about child trafficking and taking measures to eradicate it
  • Providing relief measures during disasters

Some other companies founded by Gurbaksh Singh Chahal are:
G4 Holdings Worldwide:
It was founded by G in 2014, and became a reliable supplier of Natural Commodities throughout the world.
G4 Natural Resources:

It is a subsidiary of the G4 holdings Worldwide but operates independently with its own team of managers. They have an experienced team that deals with billions of dollars of trading.

It is focused on solving the energy challenges of the world by making optimal utilization of brand-new technologies and policy solutions.

They work on using in-depth insights and analyze various technologies which help their clients to achieve their target of supply and demand side goals.

The G4 Natural Resources team has built a reputation with an exceptional client base, which they have achieved by delivering results and by solving major problems in the energy sector.

Their wide customer lists involve all; the industrial, construction, automotive, steel and power generation sectors, which require both thermal as well as metallurgical coal needs.

They provide ecological and justifiable energy solutions at reasonable prices.
G4 pharmaceuticals:

G4 Pharmaceuticals are again a part of G4 Holdings Worldwide. G believes that the global societal prosperity is possible only by working towards positive influences in global health efforts.

It works towards the achievement of providing cost effective generic pharmaceuticals which will benefit the patients in many ways.

It will:

  • Reduce the patients’ sufferings
  • Avoid late stage surgeries
  • Help in reducing the stay period in hospital

The institution is committed towards saving the lives of millions and reducing the suffering of patients. With the advancement in the medical field, the threat of deadly diseases is diminishing. But there is a need to provide effective drug therapy which is a requirement of every facet of healthcare.

Keeping this in mind, G4 Pharma ensures cost effective measures with quality as the first priority, which helps in saving lives of millions.

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