Improved call centre compliance with advanced data analysis technology

In this era of advanced technology, managers and team leaders overseeing the operations of a call center have a lot of work on their hands beyond the pressing daily tasks of assisting customers, training executives and delivering daily progress reports to the superiors in the hierarchy. Personnel at leadership positions in a call centre solutions company are often responsible for tracking the data required to maintain compliance, keeping in mind the relevant regulations.

 Any failure to comply with the regulations could leave an organisation open to complex problems at later stages; various sanctions might be levelled it almost becomes a certainty that core operations will suffer. Although, there is no denying the fact that compliance is a major aspect of keeping a close watch on the call centre operations, the amount of information that needs to be gathered and analysed would surely mean that obligatory record keeping can be forgotten far behind in the process. It is important to note that speech analytics can actually play a pivotal role in improving compliance in several ways, including:

Elimination of compliance risk with improved mechanism for data collection, ranking and analysis

It is important to note that one of the biggest advantages that analysis system brings to the table for a call centre solution provider is the ability to monitor a wide array of body of calls passing through the centre, assigning a score and analysing each one. The change in trends can be viewed on a daily basis or in some cases, on weekly and monthly basis to see emerging trends. Not only is using such a tool, a viable solution with valuable technical expertise of gathering and recording data accurately and beyond what an individual team member can accomplish, it can deliver the goods at such a high velocity and venom that it would require an enormous team of professionals. This is one of the better method of evaluating if the executives are performing quite well as a cohesive unit with regular training activities being conducted.

Improvement in performance of call centre executive by pinpointing precise shortcomings and areas that are in need of improvement

Systems in excellent call centre solutions provider that analyses speech is well-programmed to quickly make out words and phrases that indicate dissatisfaction, disapproval, anger and confusion. It is an effective tool that can pick out the bits of speech associated with trust, approval and satisfaction. Call centre executives connected with calls are identified as providing less than satisfactory outcomes and are in need of receiving personalised training based on a highly accurate information collected by a proficient analytical system.

One of the major complaints pertaining to executives leaving their positions in a call centre environment is the lack of guidance and training provided by team leaders. Quite often, training is simply left undone because of various other concerns that exist in the minds of team leaders that require quick action from their end. This is where analytics plays an imperative role in eliminating the guesswork by training so that the efficiency of entire process is enhanced.

Driving revenue creation through improved service delivery and expedited resolution of customer queries

Positive experiences act as a motivating factor for customers to come back and it becomes much more likely that those customers will create a positive word-of-mouth in the market among his/her peers, colleagues and neighbors. Personalised follow-ups by call centre solution providing entities, asking customers to drop-in their reviews will raise the bar for a company and also add a feather in its cap when it comes to reputation. All these results are directly related to enhanced revenue generation for the business unit. Furthermore, analytics can pave the way for call centre executives to identify which customers are most likely to be responsive to the various cross-selling and upselling activities. To put it precisely, software capable of analysing the speech of customers making inbound calls to our call centre can add a lot to our existing set of offering. The overall operations can be enhanced in a number of ways while simultaneously supporting operational goals that are in sync with the organisational objectives.

We can conclude from the above discussion that advanced data analysis technology can do wonders for improving the processes of a call centre.

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