Small Buyer Guide for Task Management Software

Task management is a vital element of project management that fosters effective execution within desired frame of time. Any task management software allow the project manager to generate feasible targets and deadlines in line with the tasks they want to assign to the team members. One can also use a task management software to predict problems and opportunities that lie ahead. By predicting issues, a project manager gets in a better position to recognize methods to enhance productivity in the changing circumstances. By streamlining processes, goals can be achieved with lesser efforts.
There are multiple task management software available in the market. With the influx of many probable solution providers at your service, it gets hard for the business owner or the project manage to decide on one for task management. To ease the issue, this guide is created this guide that is going to be your savior while choosing an online task manager for you. This small guide will not only familiarize you with the basic features of a task manager along with its benefits and market trends.

Get to know online task managers with a free trial

The most appropriate way to choose a task manager is to start a free trial of the ones you have shortlisted. The free trail allow you to effectively engage yourself with the software and get to know its functionalities. You will be able to gauge with the strengths and drawbacks of each app and will be able to make an informed decision. Not only that, but there are softwares like Taskque that provide a completely free version for you to make an account and start working, till whenever you like.

Who are the ideal people to use an online task manager?

  • People who are involved in freelance work or who are managing small teams either on-location or off-location can use an online task manager to boost the productivity of the team members and for time management of tasks.
  •  Medium sized to multi-department enterprises could take benefit from a task management tool to increase efficiency of the tasks completed.

Some of the task management tools used by companies globally

Wrike – A widely used project management application that allow multifunctional collaboration of teams and effective work done.
TaskQue – A free Saas based online task management application that instills productivity into team based environments thus enabling successful and timely implementation of projects. It provides a completely free version to use as much as you like. Premium version however opens up more functional features for use.
Clarizen – Powerful project management combines with social engagement.
Trello – Trello is a collaboration software that helps users to discuss projects in real-time. It keeps everybody in the loop through email notifications, activity log, and task assignments.
JIRA – JIRA has been created to help users capture, assign, and set priorities to their project tasks.
Projectplace – Projectplace offers useful business management tools, real-time communication functionality, and online collaboration features.  

How many types of tasks managers are there?

Naturally, each of the online task manager available has some unique features to offer to the clients. Like Taskque doesn’t involve any kind of installation and is based on a completely Saas based framework, Projectplace offers real time communication and Clarizen offers social engagement to name a few. However, the choice of task manager also depends hugely on the business industry your company belongs to. For companies that are operating in the technical space will require a task manager that supports the agile development methodologies, while companies from manufacturing sector will do well with a task manager that is more skewed towards the project management features.

Benefits you will receive from an online task manager

Following are the common benefits that nay task manager bestows to the user:

  • It helps you assign, organize and prioritize tasks from a centralized location.
  • Eases in setting up milestones and goals along with deadline management.
  • Breaks down bigger projects to smaller, more organized tasks.
  • Doesn’t require you to remember each task by sending you reminders for each that you have set earlier, etc.

What is the trend of the market?

Mostly task management systems are based on a monthly subscription fee depending on the number of users registered. Adding users will automatically increase the cost. Another trend that is rising is the use of open source, free and Saas based task management applications that do not incur any extra cost on you in lieu of hardware installations. Such systems are ideal for smaller teams and those who are expecting growth in future.


I hope that this small guide has served the purpose adequately by informing you about the basics of task management software. Any client who is looking to receive such services is advised to do some research by himself on the internet and choices will get clearer on his end. I wish everyone happy project management!

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