Customer-Centric Services: The Key to Your Business’ Success

Regardless of the fact what industry an organization operates in, the sole reason behind the existence of the organization is the desire to make money. To make money, an organization relies on its clients and customers. No organization can exist, let alone succeed, if it has no client or customer. It won’t be an exaggeration to say existence of an organization is dependent on its clients and customers. Customers are the propelling force that drives an organization to success. Several studies and surveys across different industry suggest that many businesses flop because they fail to deliver as per customers’ expectations. Thus, keeping customers happy and satisfied with offerings is imperative for an organization to achieve success.
Organizations have realized that the quality of their products and after-sales services plays a major role in shaping up their fate. That is the reason why an increasing number of organizations have started paying extra attention towards keeping up with customers’ increasing demands and expectations, which has actually helped them make their customers happy. An increasing number of organizations worldwide have started improving their traditional business standards and practices with innovative tools and technology to improve the quality of the products and services meant for customers.
One such approach that majority of businesses are adopting nowadays is outsourcing a business process or a part of the process to industry experts. Though the concept of outsourcing is not new, but the newest technology and inventions have made outsourcing an easy and cost-efficient way to get work done in a proficient and timely manner by experts.
For the last two decades, by outsourcing customer care and support function to call centers India organizations throughout the world have been delivering best in-class customer services that has helped them build reputation and gain trust of their customers. Outsourcing customer care and support function to call centers in India and other developing countries not only enables an organization to offer quality customer services, but also help them retain existing customers and acquire new customers.
India has been a favorite destination for organisations that want to outsource their business functions. Call centers India flourished in the late 1990s. It was the arrival of internet and the dot com bubble that made outsourcing popular in India. Many multinational companies started outsourcing their non-core business processes to India to reduce operational costs. The major factor that wrote the success story of call centers India was the cost efficiency offered by service providers in the country.
Other than cost efficiency, there were numerous factors that played a significant role in the growth of call centers India and outsourcing industry in India.
Some of these factors are:
Services Offered: Service providers in India offered a wide range of services that were not restricted to traditional phone answering services, but which could be customized as per business requirements. These services included, but were not restricted to phone answering services, market research and surveys, telemarketing, appointment scheduling and technical support. The option of customization that call centers India gave to organizations allowed them to build a brand image in market and help them seal many business deals.

Qualified Professionals: Call center service providers in India have always hired qualified, skilled and experienced employees. They conduct special training sessions to ensure that call center executives are well informed about the business and offerings that they ae dealing in. This allows them in providing customers with accurate information and performing their job effortlessly.

Supportive Governmental Policies: Considering that many international organizations have invested and outsourced there business processes to reliable call centers India, government of India has not only formulated, but implemented such laws and policies that encourage call centres in the country. Motivated by tax exemptions and financial grants on numerous resources, a number of organizations picked up India as the offshore location to subcontract their work.
Cheaper Labor Cost: The biggest motivator for outsourcing business processes to a developing country is the cost factor. The currency of developing countries is weaker than those of developed countries. This cost difference motivates organizations to subcontract their work to a developing nation to get it accomplished by spending relatively less money.

These are some of the advantages that call center India has been offering to organizations for the last two decades.

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