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Mashreq bank is a source of relief and trust for its customers and has made friendly policies for its customers just to maintain good and healthy relations with them.


Every bank provides personal loans to its customers for their personal use but the policy for this personal loan is different for foreigners and the policies for these personal loans vary from bank to bank.

A personal loan can be used for particular projects like Home loans, Auto Loan and other purposes. However,  Mashreq bank does not put boundaries around you to stay in that but you can invest it in other purposes as well like the education of your children or in any other purpose.

Simply for that personal loan the bank has strict and firm rules and regulations to which a user has to follow to avail that personal loan and there is an eligible criterion as well for that personal loan.


In comparison with the rest of the banks, Mashreq bank is giving leniency to its customers and the bank management and respected authorities are providing a personal loan for expats without salary transfer.

Mashreq bank has always been a reason of relief for its customers in banking terms and that is why Mashreq bank has made its policy easier and more convenient for its customers to avail a personal loan.

Even if you are an ex-pat you can simply have a personal loan from Mashreq bank and that too without salary transfer in Mashreq bank account.

Mashreq bank’s personal loan for expats without salary transfer is specially planned to provide a chance and an opportunity for expats to borrow low interest personal loans following their needs and demands of the future.

Provided personal loans from Mashreq bank are based on the low interest personal loans which is the reason why people and customers are showing interest in Mashreq bank’s policies and appreciating policies and this is what differs Mashreq bank from the rest of the banks.

Mashreq bank’s policy is the friendly policy for its customers and our provided personal loan for expats without salary transfer is of low interest which has become a source of relief for its customers.

Take your loan if you are an ex-pat and secure your future by investing your amount securely and safely through Mashreq bank.


To have a secure and safer future people usually invest in business, property, and in other factors. Some people borrow loans from the bank for investment purposes and that is why Mashreq Bank is providing low-interest personal loans because Mashreq bank cares about customers. Make your future strong and bright through Mashreq Bank’s low-interest personal loan.

It should make full use of equity home progress in housing developments as you reinvest in your house. However, in case you don’t have to mess with a massive number, it might be easier to apply for a personal advance for home renovations.

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