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Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm Comes in two different sizes one with 42mm and the second with 46mm. Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm is made of stainless steel (a commonly used material) And it is very light in its weight. It has an appealing design.

It has a touchscreen and you can operate the device with your fingers very easily. The device is dustproof and water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Some noticeable features of Honor Magicwatch 2 46mm is that it can be used for answering or rejecting calls, provides all-day battery life, it can monitor your health, track your fitness, and much more to do.

The watchband is removable and can be placed very easily. Some of its chief characteristics are given below.

Amoled Display

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm has a bigger screen with a higher resolution. It has an electric display. It has a 1.39 inches screen (46mm).

You can set your picture as a screen wallpaper of the watch. The back of the watch consists of charging pins and a heart rate sensor( made of hard plastic that is pretty comfortable.


Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm comes in four different colors Charcoal black, flat brown, Agate Black, and sakura gold.

A Break Through Battery Performance

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm provides 14 days of breakthrough battery life.  It is fueled with a non removable LiPo 455 MAH battery.  It provides 14 days of battery life.

Health Features 

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm has features as it monitors your stress level, tracks your exercise timings, Checks your heartbeat, etc.

A heart rate monitor shows your fitness level. It also measures blood oxygen level. It also tracks how much You travel. Measure how many steps you have taken. It also counts how many calories you burnt.

In short, its screen shows you your real-time of work or rest.

GPS Navigator

Honor Magic watch 2 (46mm) also has a feature like GPS Navigator which helps a person to find its required location by using google maps. No matter if you don’t have your phone with you if you have your smartwatch with you.


Now women are also taking interest in technology as Men. Technology makes a revolutionary change in the modern world. Here we are talking about smartwatches, now they don’t just tell the time but they have much more to do.

You can receive and answer calls, send and receive mails, track your activities and measures health, etc. What did a woman see in any device? It’s design, quality, and price.

A watch smaller in size and good in looking would be an ideal watch for any woman. Now we discuss some of the features of a smartwatch for women.

Helps In Finding Lost Items

Usually, the main feature of smartwatches Is that they Help in finding lost items. Most women and men have a habit of forgetting things.

Usually, the main things we forget are our keys, phones, headphones, etc.  Now the smartwatches have an option to connect these things with smartwatches and then you can easily find them.

Monitor Health 

Probably this is the most important feature of smartwatches. Almost 80% of people buy smartwatches just for monitoring Their health’s fitness etc. Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep phases, etc. What woman wants more?

Tack Activities 

Smartwatches also track your activities like your running hours, sleep phases, calories burned, it can also count your steps that how many steps you walk, etc.

Storing Data

Smartwatches are now working for us as our Journal dairy. We can save our pictures, videos, documents, files, etc in the smartwatches. We can also send these documents and files VIA Email.

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