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Paani Puri- Different Name, Tastes the Same

If there is any street food that has won the heart of everyone around India and also the foreigners, it is Pani Puri. It is the favourite street food of all- from eight to eighties. When the round puris are stuffed with delicious feeling and chutney, it melts in your mouth and leaves an awesome feeling on your palate. This pop-into-mouth watery snack is so delicious that it has been adopted by different states and they have redefined the state in their own terms. Pani Puri recipe in Marathi is different than its recipe in Bengal.
When the filling is made differently in different states, the making of the water is also separate. It is the heart of the Pani Puri, and that’s why the recipe of the water is also delicious. Pani Puri is available in different names at every part of the country. Here are the popular names you recognize it-

  1. Gol Gappa– In Delhi and parts of North India, Pani Puri is popular by the name of Gol Gappa. The round puris are filled with the mixture of boiled potato, chickpeas and lots of spices and served with spicy water. These puris are made of wheat flour and semolina.
  2. Pani Puri– Basically, this name is popular in the western part of India, like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Even, it is available in Nepal also. Mashed potato is used as filling. In some parts of Gujarat, the filling is also prepared with diced potato with soaked moong dal. In Bangalore, onion is used in the filling. It is served with tangy green chutney.
  3. Phuchkas– The Bengalis of Kolkata will jump over joy with the name of ‘Phuchkas’. Here, the puris are bigger than its other versions and the tamarind water with a tinge of spices makes it awesome. The filling of mashed potatoes with chickpeas and spices make you look for an ‘extra’.
  4. Pakodi– Remember, this is not pakoda, but pakodi. This is famous for the interior part of Gujarat. The water is flavoured with mint and green chilli. The filling is spicier than other versions and stuffed with lots of things. If you are fond of the spicy taste, you can try it.
  5. Patashi– This is another interesting version of Pani Puri. It is the famous street food of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Haryana. The water is made of dry mango and spices while the filling is of mashed potatoes and chickpeas.
  6. Phulki- In some parts of Nepal and Uttar Pradesh, it is known as phulki. This preparation tastes amazing and gives a variety of taste.
  7. Gup Chup– It is popular in Odisha, Hyderabad, Jharkhand and some parts of Telangana. The preparation is almost same as other recipes, but onion is not mixed here.

These are the different names of Pani Puri, the famous Indian street food. Today, many people try this at home, but having Pani Puri from the street-side vendors is amazing. When you gulp those round puris and compete with your friends, it reminds you of your childhood and teenage days.

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