Are Aptitude tests the only way to screen the application?

Many times, the right people don’t even get hired as they flunk in the aptitude tests as organized by the hiring managers. While some companies may feel that its fine if the candidates fail but in reality, they might just be losing out a great candidate. So the question of the hour is that the only way to screen the application is through aptitude tests or is there anything else that the hiring managers can possibly do to have the right manpower.

These days even if one position is rolled out, the hiring managers receive a large number of applications and each of those could be the most potential candidate for the position there just to narrow down the choices, aptitude tests plays a very crucial role. Once the number of applicants is screened, the left ones could be taken further for the next rounds of screening such as interviews and further negotiations. The Quantitative aptitude questions and the logical reasoning questions are the most commonly used in any aptitude test.

How accurate are these tests?

These tests facilitate the companies to make an informed decision. When so many applicants apply for the same position, even the basic test can help to make comparisons between the candidates. These tests could be created keeping in view the kind of candidate required for the job to be performed and also to assess the candidate’s ability to solve the problems and reason logically.

These tests could be further combined with the personal interview rounds with the experts wherein the panel can assess the personality of the candidate through communication as verbal communication also plays a very important role in the selection of the candidate. Also is it further imperative that the tests could be designed by keeping the job profile in mind as getting a quantitative aptitude test for a train driver could be of no use but may be for an engineer it could be helpful.

These tests could be used to assess the logical thinking, skills, knowledge, personality and ability of the Candidate. Also these tests are conducted in a time controlled manner so it could be either online or at the company itself. Some companies use online mediums as it is convenient for the candidate and the employer as well. It will help save the time of travel for the candidate and the employer doesn’t also need to spend individual attention to the candidate in the office. Also a large number of candidates could be screened in one go. The tests are done in real time environment hence the results could be submitted and candidate screening could be done quickly.

Advantages of these tests

These tests are quite accurate in predicting the correct candidate and his success at the company. These tests bring out the need of training in case of existing employees and also the strengths and weaknesses in case of new prospective employees. These tests are actually an opportunity for the candidate to test his own skills and check if he could be the right candidate for the job.

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