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What Is The Difference Between Mud and Street Tires For My ATV?

Mud and Street Tires For My ATV

Tearing through rough terrain on your ATV is an exhilarating experience. Matching the right tires with the riding surface is crucial for efficient handling and performance. When you’re browsing for ATV tires for sale, you have several options. If you drive on flat, hard surfaces, an all-terrain tire or street tire can provide optimal traction and control. For mud runs, a mud tire with wider-spaced treads offers the smoothest ride. Here are some of the best 2021 tires for mud and street driving.

Best Mud Tires for 2021

The thick, large knobs on mud tires are ideal for shoveling mud out of your path and providing stability on extreme terrain. The following items are the best mud tires on the market.

Maxxis MU01 Zilla Front Tire and Maxxis MU02 Zilla Rear Tire: The Maxxis MU01 line of front and rear tires feature an incredibly lightweight design for quick acceleration and exceptional braking, practically continuous center tread for improved control on trails, hefty 6-ply rating and consistent high-speed power.

ITP Mega Mayhem Front Tires: With the same quality and performance as the original ITP Mayhem with some new enhancements, the Mega Mayhem improves on the original design with thicker 1.5 inch-deep lugs, 6-ply construction and outstanding performance on hard, flat trails and muddy pits. The one-of-a-kind embossed pattern on the tires gives your ATV an aggressive but stylish appearance.

ITP Blackwater Evolution Rear Tires: This big and beefy rear tire from ITP is the ultimate tool for high-speed mudslinging and trail riding. The Blackwater Evolution features a stunning 8-ply radial construction for superior durability, brand new Tough Tread rubber compound to resist abrasions and scratches, durable sidewall to withstand jagged rocks and debris, and non-directional tread for smooth handling. When you need a tire that can handle the mud runs and rocky trails, the Blackwater Evolution is for you.

CST CU06 Wild Thang ATV/UTV Mud Rear Tire: The Wild Thang from CST performs well on the trails on the way to the mud runs and provides excellent control on wet, muddy terrain. It features a 6-ply bias construction, a unique fanged tread that extends over the tire’s shoulder for improved cornering and digging out of deep depressions, and a lightweight design that improves braking and traction control.

Best Street Tires for 2021

When you’re shopping for street tires, you need models with a tighter pattern and shallow lugs. Here are a few of the best street tires for 2021.

STI Roctane XD Front/Rear Tire: The STI Roctane is the perfect all-terrain tire that can handle hard surfaces and rocky terrain. It features 8-ply construction, non-directional treads for enhanced control, Rockwall sidewall protection and RocGuard rim protection to guard against jagged rocks. The Roctanes are extremely tough but flexible tires for multi-surface riding.

Maxxis Carnivore Tires (Front/Rear): Travel over hardpack surfaces, roots and rocks with the Maxxis Carnivore. It offers improved traction with raised treads on the sidewalls, 8-ply radial construction and an aggressive tread pattern that’s DOT approved.

There are several high-quality tires designed for off-roading. After deciding which tires are right for you, you can visit an online store that offers free tire mounting and fast delivery.

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