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How To Design A Home Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign

A lot goes into designing your home, whether you’re building from the ground up or you’re recreating the interior of a space you bought or already own. What you probably haven’t thought about considering, though, is your zodiac sign and how that can impact your design and general living space. You may be surprised to find that your zodiac sign and other astrological details can greatly improve your home design plan.

Use natural language to describe your beliefs.

If you’re working with contractors, realtors, or even an interior designer, chances are they won’t see your vision as you do should you say, “I’m a Pisces. How can I add that to my design?” Instead, you’ll want to translate your “woo-woo” concepts into more natural language that your home design partners can understand more clearly. If you were a professional in a field, you would use simpler terms to help others understand unfamiliar concepts—the same is true when it comes to astrology.

Use your sign’s core qualities.

Perhaps the most obvious example of incorporating the zodiac in your home design is to consider the intrinsic qualities and personality traits associated with your sign. As you browse through a resource like Interiorly, pay attention to the various types of decor and furnishings and how they make you feel. Particularly, consider how they correlate to the traits most commonly associated with your sign, or those that you most relate to. For instance, you might be a Capricorn, with a strong sense of diligence and hard work. In that case, you’ll probably prioritize the design and functionality of your home office or workspace. Similarly, this will impact the design process itself, helping you to make the most progress most effectively because of your Capricorn work ethic.

Use your sign’s associated element.

For those unfamiliar with the zodiac, each sign is associated with one of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. If you don’t know already, find out what element is associated with your zodiac sign and consider how you might incorporate that natural element in your living space. A water sign, for example, might add a koi pond to their garden, a fountain to their entryway, or even a humidifier to a certain room. Alternatively, they may consider how being a water sign impacts their relationship with other elements and rethink their use of, say, a fireplace or stone accents.

Use your overall natal chart.

As you deepen your understanding of astrology, you’ll quickly come across your birth chart and all the factors that come with it. Beyond your sun sign, or what most people refer to when they ask for your sign, you’ll learn qualities such as your moon sign, ascendant, and the positions of various planets during your birth. Take time to consider how your rising sign and other elements of your natal chart affect your home design. For instance, you may be an Aries but relate more intensely to your moon sign of Scorpio. In that case, since you see yourself as a passionate, sensual person, those may be the elements that you choose to incorporate most purposefully in your space, rather than those you’d associate with your sun sign.

It may come as a surprise, but your home design efforts and study of astrology can go hand in hand. In fact, you might just find that an understanding of the zodiac and your own signs spark ideas you never would have thought of otherwise. Whether you’re redesigning your current home, purchasing a new one, or building a completely fresh space, understanding how astrology affects you and your environment can help you to create the ideal space for your unique traits and cosmic needs.

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