Miraculous benefits of Moonga and Rudraksh

The Moonga gemstone is also known as Coral and is considered as the gemstone for planet Mars i.e. Mangal as per Vedic astrology. The Mars is believed as the planet of energy, blood circulation, ambition and vitality which is rendered on the wearer of the Moonga gemstone. Moonga is calcareous and a skeleton like deposit which is found deep underwater. The planet Mars is also known for its effects on land and its related matters as well as electricity. Hence those who are a part of these industries or active in the professions related to land or electric items must wear the stone of Planet Mars as per the Vedic Astrology.

About Moonga Gemstone:

The coral moonga is the stone for planet Mangal hence it is highly beneficial for people who have Mangal in their horoscope. It is said that the gemstone can help in nullifying the negative effects of Mangal on one’s horoscope. It also boosts the energy of planet Mars in the horoscope. If Mars is at a beneficial place in the Horoscope, Moonga helps in gaining maximum benefits out of it.

Coral Moonga
Advantages of the Moonga Gemstone:

  • One of the major benefits of Moonga is that it helps in achieving victory over enemies.
  • It gives the wisdom to tackle and overcome obstacles and ensure victory of the wearer,
  • It helps in overcoming mental depression.
  • It also helps in fighting laziness and procrastination helping the wearer in getting logical conclusions.
  • The gemstone has miraculous effects of the healing on the wearer.
  • It also offers protection from negative energies, evil eye, and black magic.
  • It helps in getting rid of the debt situation.
  • It helps in fighting adverse position of the Mars in one’s horoscope.
  • It also offers ample health benefits on the wearer.

About Rudraksh:

Rudraksh is a seed which is procured from special trees which are exclusively found in specific regions such as Himalayan Mountain ranges, few locations in Southern India along with countries like Nepal and Indonesia.

Rudraksh is very popular among people who seek spiritual benefits as Rudraksh has bestowed with umpteen benefits on the wearer.

Characteristics of Rudraksh:

  • Rudraksh has faces carved on its surface. Based on the number of faces carved, it is categorized into 21 mukhas.
  • The one Mukhi Rudraksh is considered as the most powerful of them all.
  • Five Mukhi Rudraksh, Seven Mukhi rudraksh, and Eight Mukhi Rudraksh are most popularly worn by people.
  • Each Rudraksh has its own benefits and significance.
  • The Rudraksh can be worn in a mala made of thread or metal. The type of rudraksh can be worn based on the benefits you are seeking.
  • The Rudraksh mala is used for jaap which includes 108 beads with 1 extra bead known as bindu.
  • Rudraksh helps in healing ailments and protects from negative energy.
  • It enhances mental strength and brings prosperity to life.

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