Commute on your own terms with a Self-drive car rental in Bangalore

If the travel bug bites one and there are friends and family who are more than willing to jump on the bandwagon, then there is no better place than Bangalore to visit. This truly smart city has a lot to offer to tourists in terms of sightseeing and relaxation. One may have heard about the lively nightspots and pub culture this city boasts of, but there is more to Bangalore than this. One can spend hours at the relaxing gardens that are in abundance here or commune with nature at the Ulsoor Lake with boating activities or simply give in to the charms of shopping at Chickpet for sarees or the popular MG Road. Business travellers have a host of IT parks to choose from to carry out their business.

Take in the magnificent skyline of Bangalore
Bangalore is studded with tourist places and top-notch IT companies, so one needs a reliable transport option to zip around these places. Buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis and the metro trains are great options but having a vehicle at your disposal throughout the day is simply a better option. One does not have to depend on the local transport to reach various places, and there is better control over the day’s travel plans, along with great time management. The locals are quite helpful with directions, or one can simply depend upon the trusted smartphone GPS and zoom around the city.
Time is of the essence
Every traveller, business or vacationer, seeks to save as much time moving from one place to another, so there is time to explore the city in its true essence. The local food delicacies are found in the tiny bylanes of Bangalore and what better way to reach there for a sumptuous meal in one’s own vehicle, without depending on the peculiarities of the vehicle driver.
Live life on one’s own terms
Bangalore is packed with interesting tourist spots like gardens, places of historical importance, modern shopping malls and offers mind-boggling shopping opportunities. Zoomcar provides the most convenient car rental in Bangalore without driver for those who love to drive and not driven around. One can choose from a large range of sedans & SUVs, with comfortable and luxurious interiors, which can be booked at the touch of a convenient app. Having a self-drive car in Bangalore is a boon and enables one to make the most of every day.

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