Important Considerations When Hiring VIPs And Top Dignitaries Conference Hire

Although there are many conference venues in Auckland, finding one which can accommodate VIPs and top dignitaries is not easy. These are persons who are highly protected and are accompanied by many other persons in their entourage, such as security guards, press, personal assistants and other aides.

By VIPs and Top dignitaries, we do not mean the likes of Presidents, security chiefs and other government officials as the meetings of these top official are mostly held in secluded places which may not be accessible by the public. We only mean top company CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other persons who hold high positions in corporates. For instance, the CEO of your company or your boss may require you to organize a meeting with other CEOs and a senior official of trading partners in Auckland. Where do you begin? How do you go about it? The following is what you need to know –

Consider location, functionality and capacity:
Before making any contact or inquiries with any venue, establish the size or space required for the event. Always keep in mind you better choose slightly larger venue than slightly smaller one. Also, think of the equipment and facilities required. For instance, do you need meeting only, or there is need of accommodation, meals, and such other services? Most venues have all the equipment which are the need for most conventional meetings. Avoid hiring places where you will be required to source equipment as this will come at additional cost.
Enquire from several venues:
Once you have identified what you need, an enquiry from several conference hire venue service providers. Ensure you put in clear language what you need and how many people are expected to attend. It can be something like below –
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am ABC, from XYZ organization. I am organizing a conference of 50 people seated. In the venue, I need projector, mic, and space which can comfortably cater for these people. Some of the guests may be accompanied by their aides and personal assistants so the venue should be capable of accommodating everyone in the entourage. I also expect the venue to offer catering services. Accommodation may also be required so I also need a quotation of the same. Kindly also let me know hat is included in your service package. I will be glad if you can offer several packages so I can choose that which suits our budget and needs.
Please get back to me ASAP as this is a bit urgent.
Many venues have their service packages ready and will respond in few hours. From the response, there are other important things you need to consider such as
Parking: There should adequate parking for the attendees.
Security: The venue should offer security to all the attendees, commensurate with their status. Most venues will organize special security for some VIPs on the need basis, such as getting the presence of armed police in the area for the period of the conference. Most of the venues already have their security systems in place.
Restrictions: what restrictions are in place? For instance, does the venue allow guests to be accompanied by escorts?

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