How to Take Care of Your Four-wheeler?

A recent Nomura report on Maruti highlights the fact importance of caring for your car by providing a break-down of the cost of owning an Alto, Maruti’s entry version car. The report notes that while the cost (on-road) of an Alto has increased about 13 percent between FY10 and FY14, the cost of actually owning a car has risen by a steep 34 percent, says an article published in Firstpost in April 2014. Proper maintenance of your car on routine basis can minimize such costs and also improve the life of the vehicle. With the help of proper car accessories and a few hours dedicated to caring for your wheels,  you can maintain your vehicle and also lessen your trips to the service center.

4 Tips For Car Maintenance

Here are some tips to maintain the health of your car.
  1. Clean the Interior and Exterior Every Month – You can vacuum the interior with a dry and wet vacuum cleaner and also you can use other car accessories such as a high pressure water spray to clean the exterior and car scratch remover to keep your four-wheeler looking as good as new.
2. Change Your Oil – It is advised that you should change your oil every 5000 to 7000 miles and use a reliable brand. Make sure to check the engine oil every month, if you don’t change your oil, then dirt will build up and eventually harm your engine.
3. Check Tire Pressure – It is advised that you should check the tire pressure every month as seasonal temperature swings can change the pressure in tires even if there is no leak.  Also change the tires and get new ones every 7500 miles.
4. Learn to Use the Hydraulic Jack – A hydraulic air jack is a car accessory that is a necessity especially if you travel long distances. You might not necessarily have a service center at hand to get a flat tire replaced. This is where the hydraulic jack will come to your rescue. Practice changing the tire once in your garage so that you can do it easily in your time of need.
Also, check the vital fluids of your vehicle every month which can be done by just opening the engine compartment. These are the oil, the coolant/Anti-freeze, the transmission fluid, the brake fluid and the windshield wiper fluid.

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