How to choose a moving and packing company

You can never be too careful while you are hiring packers and movers to help you relocate to a new place. After all, you will trust them over all that you have. Your household stuff would have taken years for you to buy and own. They would have been handpicked from different parts of the world at various prices. Your movers will be helping you transport these precious elements and they got to be very careful of how they are going to do it.

The first thing that you think of when the time comes for you to shift home is to search for a good packing company. Here are some tips of how you can go about the process of finding the best movers and assisting them in shifting your things –

Short listing –

There are hundreds of packers and movers in Chandigarh so when you decide to shift your stuff; you must start a search for the best company. The best place you can go to find reviews is online. On the internet, you can find reviews, past experiences and ratings of all the movers in your town. You can look through their websites and pick the one that suits your needs. Make a short list of all the companies that are close to your expectations.

Estimation –

Now, you must give a call to the companies short listed and ask them for price quotes for your things. How much will they charge for your moving? What all services will be inclusive? Will it be a door to door delivery? How much time will they take to move all your things? These are some things that you must ponder over to decide which company you want to hire. The companies usually come to your place for in- house estimation of all your stuff. They will look through your belongings, weigh them and then decide on what your price will be. Your part of this process is to show everything that will need moving without excluding anything. They must know what is going to go in to select the necessary packing process and moving vehicle. If you exclude anything, they might come on the final day with the small vehicle while you still have stuff to load.

Avoid deposits –

Reputed packers and movers Mohali companies do not ask you to deposit heavy amounts before the process. So, avoid deposition of huge amounts as advance before the process actually starts.

Hidden charges –

Always be cautious about the legal papers that you sign. There are chances that the company might demand hidden charges later on which were not even mentioned in the package. In such cases, contact higher authority and refuse to pay unnecessarily.

Moving insurance –

The company must be liable of any damages that occur to your possessions when they are shipping it. They must have insurance policies that cover the stuff they are transporting.

On the day of moving, a list of all the things that has gone into the vehicle must be collected by you. Also, give the vehicle the directions to your new place and wait for your stuff to arrive.

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