6 Best Energy Saving Tips for Industrial Units and Factories

Lighting requirements of industrial units and factories are pretty huge, and hence their power bills are also pretty shocking. That’s why factory owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to reduce their lighting costs.
To help decision makers engaged in manufacturing, mining, heavy electrical, and other similar industries reduce power bills, SeniorLED has come up with top power savings tips and ideas.
Here are 7 energy saving tips for heavy industries and factories across the world dealing with rising power costs:

  • Improve Insulation: Insulation helps in large scale cooling down of the factory during the winter. But this cooling down at large can consume lots energy. So, invest in a new insulation system that makes your building free from the requirement of large scale cooling down. Ceiling insulation for windows is vital in preventing heat loss through the ceiling.
  • Use more natural lightings:   Using more and more natural light can help in the reduction of power bill. Install a daylight design in your factories since it will give long term benefits by reducing lighting cost. Switch to more natural lighting during day time with minimum consumption of artificial light.
  • Energy Audit: Hiring an energy audit company can help in keeping a check on your energy consumption. Most of the utility companies offer energy audit program to monitor the consumption rate which can be improved through multiple techniques. Audits are long term approach to controlling power costs.

  • Deploy better lighting solutions: The traditional CFL and fluorescent lights consume more energy as compared to LED lighting. Deploying energy efficient LED lights can take a big amount off your power bill since lighting is one of the biggest power consumers in big industries and factories that work around the clock. LEDs are eco-friendly, deliver better lighting, and lead to long term savings.
  • Creating Awareness: Workers spend long hours on the site and if they aren’t aware about power savings, not much can be accomplished. Hold discussions and meetings to educate employees about power saving and waste monitoring. Introducing your employees to power saving ideas will lead to better implementation of your power saving plan.
  • Equipment replacements: Manufacturing units and facilities are known for being slow in embracing new technology and equipment. In addition to improving productivity, new equipment also brings better performance capabilities. So, timely replace old equipment with new ones and also make sure that maintenance is done in a timely manner.

Factory owners are now realizing that small changes in industry design, work process, and mindset can lead to big power savings in the long run. Some are making the shift to do their bit for the environment as well.
While above were some important points to help you reduce energy consumption in your factory and industrial unit, these are not the only ones. Share your power saving tips and hacks for industrial units in the comments section to further grow the post!
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