Christmas – Come And Be A Part Of The Best Time Of The Year!

With a mass lion’s share of the aggregate population being Hindus in India, Christmas celebrations in India are restricted essentially in the Christian states. But these states with a significantly high Christian population celebrate Christmas in an overwhelming manner. Every street, business establishments, houses, the whole town and bridges are decorated in lights and chinese paper lanterns of different shapes and sizes. Huge Christmas trees are lit up, decorated and set up in every part of the city. Basically the whole town is lit up.

Christmas is a joyous and an auspicious celebration for the Christians all over the world. It is the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. It is the most anticipated time of the year where the preparation of the season begins almost a month before the actual day. The whole city is decorated and lit up. It is the time of the year every member of the family no matter how far and wide they may be come back home to be part of this joyous celebrations. Families from both the maternal and paternal side come together and hold parties and gatherings, old friends catch up with each other and the season just spreads joy all around.

Christianity is a minority in India, hence the Christmas celebrations in India are not seen across the whole country. To get the real feel of Christmas, you will have to make your way to some of the Christian dominated states. Although Christmas celebrations are seen in places like Mumbai, Kerala and Pune, the feeling of celebrating Christmas in Christian states of Northeast India like Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya will give you a whole different feel of Christmas unlike anywhere in the country.

The best place to celebrate in India is undoubtedly the state of Nagaland. The only Christian state in India with over 90 per cent of the total percentage of the population belonging to Christianity. The other remaining percentage of people belonging to people living in the state from other parts of India for jobs or educational purpose. Nagaland is the only state in the whole world with the most number of Baptist under a state. The celebration and preparation for this grand and joyous festival begins almost a month before the actual day. Groups of small children with one dressed as Santa Claus go house to house singing Christmas carols house to house in every locality. Every street corner, street lamps, bridges and needless to say, the buildings, both residential and commercial. The eve of Christmas day is spent either with family members and friends gathered around a bonfire sharing good food and making merry or a midnight vigil church mass or service.

There are numerous exemplary Christmas dishes around the world. Dishes which are cooked especially during this celebration, without which the season feels incomplete. Somewhere in the range of few champions and absolute classics can be as basic and as unpredictable as a cake, roasted turkey, extensive variety of pies, entire simmered fish or a whole pig roasted over open fire, prime ribs, eggnog and so on. A nibble or a bite of these dishes will trigger your emotions and set your Christmas spirit soaring high!

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