A day with Self Balancing Smart Scooter

Smart scooter is very popular these days many of friend bought them and riding in the town as it so attractive all the people are always watching them. Whenever they ride these smart scooters in the town. They become the centre of attraction. So. I personally decide to spend my whole day with Self Balancing Smart Electric Scooter and the 2 wheels version. So I just read the Self Balancing scooter Review from a website and clear my all the confusions about these scooters.
The thing at my place it cost around $400-$500 to buy from the retailer. So get from the online store. My Self balancing scooter is Swagway X1. Very nice and great exterior I just fall in love when it arrives.
When it comes to unboxing I got the Swagway X1, One charger, User manual, Bag. I just unboxed my scooter and then decide to ride it. That was a lot of fun, I just enjoyed a lot to learn this scooter thing. Basically, it took around 15 minutes to learn to ride the scooter but once I did it then awesome things gonna happens a lot.
First I like the idea the guy who made these scooter done a very right job with low cost of the electricity you can ride about 15 kilometers easily on one charge. When it comes to speed the maximum speed is around 15-18km, When your scooter reaches to that threshold speed it start beeping that you are at top speed.
I start riding on the road where less traffic was there, I just fall for the single time only, but I wore all the safety equipment to ride the scooter. Many people watched me and I can say, everyone. I was feeling great to ride this unique gadget. When it comes to travelling from one place to another. It is one of the best travelling machines I Can prefer you. It is very easy to ride, easy to carry in the bag and weight around 10 kg approx. The best thing I like about the scooter is the design pretty much attractive and awesome.
My scooter color was black and it look like some future machine. I called up my friends who have these scooters. We ride it all in the town they just told me some stunts, but I was feared to perform them because this scooter is made of hard plastic exterior if they crashed to something. These scooters easily got scratched easily.
The scooter recharges very fast as it took around 90 minutes for my next ride. I just recharge it any place when I want to like my friend home, at the gym. The scooter has the Lithium batteries inside that help to give that much power to the scooter.
When the evening arrives the led light on the front side of the scooter are not so bright but it was good. I just came home back and in between the way to some I just stick in a big hurdle on the road and I crashed  that time. All thought my scooter was not scratched and  I loved the ride and enjoyed it a lot.

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