A Guide On Choosing Summer Flowers And Keeping A Bouquet Fresher For A Long Time

Summer flowers grow best in tropical countries like India and that is why these are the varieties which are mostly used in flower bouquets here.

For flower delivery online Jaipur, one can always go for these bright flowers as they easily brighten up the mood when one receives it and makes them very happy.

Some common flower blooms!
Hydrangea- This is a very common flower which is mainly born in summer. These flowers have different colours but among them blue ones are very common and immensely popular as well. In summers, blue looks really bright and vibrant,but one thing should be kept in mind. These flowers are not very sun friendly and so it has to be kept away from the sun. These flowers when added to a bouquet looks great and it makes the bouquet looks fuller when they are tied together. They make a good flower bouquet.

Stocks- This is a flower which is a very common one grown in summer. One can get a large number of varieties in colours in case of this flower; like red, white, pink, and blue. To make a bouquet look vibrant and colourful, one can tie all the colours together with a single satin string.

Lavender-This is a flower which has a very nice and mesmerizing fragrance. Lavenders look very gorgeous and the colour of this flower is rich indigo blue. This adds a lot of vibrancy to a summer flower bouquet as they are very bright to look at. One can always mix a bunch of lavenders with fresh tulips or water lilies and it would look very fresh.

 How to keep a bouquet fresh for longer?
Mix a small amount of bleach in water. Pour that water in the vase. This helps to sterilize the vase. At the same time, it prevents the flowers from wilting too fast.
An aspirin tablet acts as a flower food. Crush one tablet and dissolve in the water. Trim a little bit of stems of the flowers and dip it in that water. It increases the acidity in the water that moves up to the stem keeping the flowers alive.
Copper penny is another solution to keep your bouquet fresh. Put it in the bottom of a vase and add a spoon of sugar to it. Pour water and keep the flowers there.
The most common ingredient to keep your flowers fresh is sugar. The sweetness of sugar helps in opening the flower buds and keep them blooming for a longer time. You can also add a spoonful of vinegar to it.
Flower food can also be added in the water. It contains biocides that kills the bacteria and sugar which keeps the flower stems alive for a long time.

Jaipur flower delivery is easy as one can order fresh flower bouquets from online websites and can make sure that they get delivered in proper time. If you are sending a bouquet to your loved ones, do not forget to attach a lovely message to it.

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