Ensure a healthy lifestyle with Floorspace stair runners

Life is unpredictable. One really never knows what fate has in store for you until a mishappening occurs and scares the hell out of your life. Life may put you in middle of crisis any time. So, it would be intelligent to take precautions for ensuring healthy and prosperous life to you and your loved ones. Humans have come up with various inventions to minimise the risk to human lives and prolong the health and prosperity of man. One such star product is stair runners. Evident by its name, stair runners are kinds of rugs that are used over the stairs. These rugs are actually long and narrow and attached to the stairs to prevent falls or occasional slips. Installing stair runners at your home or office places proves to be beneficial in ensuring safety of your loved ones as they provide a non slippery platform over staircases to avoid the risk of potential injuries or an accidental fall. Interestingly, stair runners offers high friction to someone walking over it so that if there actually occurs any fall, the speed of the fall is retarded, thereby preventing any injury. Also, it gives the victim time for recovery from the slip. 

Unfortunately, the increasing demand of stair runners is having an adverse effect on its quality and manufacturers are increasingly resorting to poor quality materials to produce stair runners. These pathetic quality stair runners can be purchased at significantly low prices. Well, the deal may sound profitable in the first go, however opting for such poor quality stair runners proves to be a terrible decision in the long run. Floorspace has come up with a variety of high quality stair runners that is sure to last for a long time. Floorspace is the leading manufacturer of stair runners that has been offering stair runners of high quality at the most reasonable prices in the market.

If you have a wooden staircase at home, considering stair runners is a smart decision. It’s important to cover stairs with carpets that run up the stairs. It’s an excellent addition that is sure to catch eyeballs of your visitors.

To state the benefit of stair runners, its noise absorbing quality is a great attribute. Wooden stairs make a lot of noise while traversing, installing stair runners will lessen the noise from creaky stairs besides warming up the experience of walking barefoot over it. Woods tend to become slippery when dust is accumulated over it. Installing stair runners provides more traction and avoids slip and falls.

Stair runners also guard the wooden flooring. With passage of time, hardwood gets scuff marks and scratches due to constant use. Installing stair carpet would ensure a long life to the stairs.

Floorspace stair runners are a great home decor option. Home decoration enthusiasts can add beauty and elegance to their homes by installing stair runners. One can choose from myriad of colours, styles, patterns and designs suiting the theme of the house and lifestyle. It is a reflection of your unique personality and exquisite taste. Interestingly, the stair runners covers only the main areas in middle while the hardwood floor still remains exposed. So, you can still showcase your unique style while protecting your hardwood stairs. Installing a stair runner is an easy preposition. You would not need an expert to put it in place. The task can be easily accomplished by a novice do–it-yourself by following the instructions carefully.

To put it in nutshell, installing stair runners is money well spent. It’s sure to add luxury, safety and protection to your stairs and your family or guests for a long time.   

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