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7 Ways to Keep Your PDF Files Updated

Are you one of those professionals who often use PDF on all their documents? Since PDF is one of the most reliable and highly accessible file formats, a majority of professionals worldwide prefer to use it on all their documents. PDF can easily be shared with your colleagues, clients, and customers and they can view it using any device. This makes it a smarter choice for document management.

But as most PDF users may know, this file format is mostly intended for reading or consuming information. You cannot easily edit or maintain a PDF file without using a third-party tool. Because of that, many of your PDF documents may already be outdated. Luckily, there’s an easy and convenient way for you to keep your PDF files updated with the help of an online PDF tool such as Gogopdf.

Ways to update your PDF files

From time to time, make it a habit to always review some of your old PDF documents, especially those that you share with other people. Aside from the fact that it’s a bit humiliating to send out an outdated file, you may also be sharing wrong information. Here are some ways you can do to update your PDF documents:

1.   Delete unnecessary pages

One of the easiest ways to manage your PDFs is to remove unnecessary pages. With the help of Gogopdf, you can easily delete pages from PDF online. You can start by reviewing the entire document. If you notice that there is a single page that is no longer applicable to the current setting, you can simply remove it. In that way, you can avoid sharing that piece of vital information with other users.

2.   Edit the contents before sharing

In cases where you cannot remove an entire page but you need some parts of it, you can use the Edit feature. Gogopdf has a tool that will let you edit the contents of your PDF files. It’s basically like editing using MS Word. You can modify some parts such as phrases and sentences that need to be updated on the file. It’s surely a more efficient way of updating your file if it only needs minimal changes.

3.   Check page orientations

Most of the PDF documents back in the day come from scanned documents. As a result, some of the pages may be upside down. Once you review some of your old documents, you can also make sure the pages are in proper orientations. If not, you can also use Gogopdf to rotate these pages. In that way, you can be sure that your documents will look presentable and professional all the time. You don’t want your clients to rotate their devices just to read your contracts, right?

4.   Combine multiple PDF documents

If you have been using PDFs for quite some time, there is a high chance that you already have a huge pile of PDF documents saved on your computer. This can result in so much clutter on your folders plus it also occupies additional space on your hard drive. You can easily update these files by combining related PDF documents and save them into single files. You can group them based on category so it will be easier to locate when you need them.

5.   Personalize with watermark

Another updating process that you can do with PDFs is that you can add a watermark on your documents. If you have saved the file before and did not include a watermark, you can still do it today. With the help of Gogopdf, you can insert it on your PDF documents. The online tool has preset watermarks that you can choose or you can upload your own image. It can be your company logo, your signature, or simply a Confidential notice on all the pages.

6.  Affix your signature

Since most offices are working remotely nowadays, people often find it tedious to affix their signatures on a document. They would have to print it, sign it, then scan it to send it back to the sender. However, did you know that you can simply update your files with your signature in them without so much hassle? Gogopdf offers a feature where you can eSign a document. You will not only save paper and ink but you’ll also save so much of your time.

7.   Use a password to secure the document

Your office documents are always confidential. As much as possible, you want only the authorized persons to have access to it. You can make sure of that with the help of Gogopdf’s Lock option. You can encrypt a password on your PDF documents to make sure that no one else will have access to your files unless you permit them to.

Gogopdf: Your complete PDF tool online

Part of your business is making sure that all your documents and paper works are updated all the time. These documents can make or break a business deal, which makes it as important as any aspect of your business. Gogopdf will make sure that you have the option to keep your files updated all the time. Make your business great and visit their website today to know more about this all-in-one PDF tool.

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