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Diesel Timepiece: 6 Watches For The Dynamic You

As an established brand, Diesel is known for its unconventional, creative, and overly unique designs. The brand caters mainly to the younger generations and has successfully brought quality and new watches to the market. The unconventional designs make it stand out from other watch brands. From its dials to its unique features, a Diesel timepiece is an asset to your wristwatch collection. This is perfect for the more laid-back type of person who exudes a lot of personality.


Have an idea of how Diesel Watches set a new standard to the market. Here are some Diesel Watches you might consider next time you decide to change your recent watch or add more to your growing collection.

1.  DZ1926: MS9 three-hand clear polyurethane watch

Color: White

Size: UNI

Material: Polyurethane Polyamide-Nylon

MS9 three-hand clear polyurethane watch. This piece is among the list of transparent Diesel Watches. Diesel’s MS9 44 mm timepiece features a three-hand movement with a window date, a rainbow dial with white indexes, and a logo-pressed clear polyurethane strap. This one is a perfect piece for those who want something unique but more on the careful side of colors. The dial is gorgeous and the highlight of this watch.

2.  DZT2032: The Axial smartwatch-brown leather

Color: Brown

Size: UNI

Dial color: Animation

Movement: Full Display/TITAN

DZT20032 – The Axial smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google Technology. This technology makes the watch compatible with phones running in Android 6.0+, but excluding Go edition and iOS 12.0+. However, supported features may vary across platforms and locations. A brown leather strap, stainless steel case, and a touchscreen are the 48 mm Axial smartwatch’s inclusions.  The leather, steel, and Wear OS are a great combination of classic style and modern vibes.

3.  DT2023: The x MDJ limited-edition fadelite smartwatch and strap set

Color: White

Size: UNI

Battery Life: Multi-day battery life (Extended Mode) Activity

Features: Built-in GPS for distance tracking, Swim Proof Design, and Heart Rate & Activity Tracking.

Materials: Silicone, Aluminium, Polyamide-Nylon

This limited-edition set pays tribute to digital artist Mad Dog Jones’s talents with a futuristic, artistic look and wearable technology. This eye-catching timepiece is a 43mm Fadelite smartwatch with interchangeable clear transparent TPU and multicolor straps and an exclusive collector’s cleaning cloth. Moreover, it is powered by Wear OS by Google and works with phones running Android 6.0+, again excluding Go edition, and is also compatible with iOS 10.0+. The watch also includes lifestyle features such as managing your calendar, controlling your music, downloading third-party apps, customizing your watch face, and receiving smartphone notifications and alerts.

4.  DZ7370: Mr. Daddy 2.0 red metal watch, 55 mm

Color: Red

Size: UNI

Dial Color: Gunmetal/Gray

Water resistance: 3 ATM

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Material: Steel, Silicone

The oversized gunmetal dial, which features the Diesel logo and “Only the

Brave” tags are undeniably an attention grabber in their rights.

5.  DZ4546: Timeframe chronograph black silicone watch

Color: Black/Gold

Size: UNI

The 48mm Timeframe has a black sunray dial with stick indices, black silicone strap, and chronograph movement. This watch is labeled as a watch for both men and women, but the combination of black and gold makes it more masculine. When it comes to water resistance features, it is protected up to ATM. At the same time, the case material is stainless steel.

6.  DZ1895: Crusher digital neon yellow nylon watch

Color: Yellow Fluo

Size: UNI

This 46mm Crusher Watch has a neon yellow nylon strap with black and red logo detail and features a matte black digital dial. The vibrant color gives this watch a fresh and bubbly look perfect for every getaway. It is water-resistant at 5 ATM and is made of Polyamide-Nylon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How long is the warranty for these Watches?

A 2-year warranty covers all Diesel watches. The warranty is subjected to the terms and conditions as set by Diesel on your purchase. It may also depend on where you’re going to purchase the timepiece. Make sure to only buy from authorized stores, like The Watch Company.

2.   How many hours does it take to charge Diesel Watches?

It takes around two hours to charge these watches fully. This makes it ideal since you won’t have to charge them overnight.

3.   Can you wear these watches all day with comfort and ease?

The answer is yes! These watches are lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear them all day – worry-free.

4.   Can you change Diesel Watches’ color?

Diesel did a great job with their analog watches. These have a colored, iridescent coating over the crystal, which gives them a color-changing, sci-fi look.


The Diesel brand has changed the game for the watch-making industry. Indeed, it has set another standard that captures the attention and hearts of the younger generation of watch enthusiasts. However, its uniqueness is also gaining the interest of others who prefer classic style and comfort. Thinking of where to get your own Diesel wristwatch? Make sure to check out the latest models at The Watch Company online!

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