4 Top Reasons Why to Use Articulated Mannequins at Your Display Window

Display windows are of significant importance for brands and outlets across the world. They are utilized to advertise the brand’s finest wearable clothing lines and attract customers in the shop spaces with the aim of making them purchase products by the brand. It is fair to say that they are the first attractive points for any brand outlet and when done right can enhance the business image and market share for the brand successfully. In the modern technological age, with constant innovations in almost every walk of life, mannequins have not been left behind at all and various versions of them with specific benefits have been introduced in the market. Articulated mannequins are one of the latest offerings by various sellers of mannequins and bring certain advantages to brands that employee them. Here are a few of the benefits discussed below:

1: Various Poses Options Available

The articulated type of mannequins have moveable joints, this is the defining feature of them and distinguishes them from the rest in a number of ways. Most of the limbs on these types of mannequins are moveable to a certain degree. That allows them to be stood up, sat down or even laid on certain surfaces in desirable poses and positions. This works very well for brands that have multiple types of dresses in their shops, they can use a number of mannequins at the same time, all with different poses and positions in order to create a diverse more suited natural environment.

2: Easy Dress on and Dress off Features

Because of moveable limbs to certain degree, comes probably one of the biggest advantage associated with these articulated types of mannequins, the ability to dress them up and remove the clothing much easily than any other form of mannequins. The moveable limbs including the arms, legs and even the neck can be turned around in order to straighten them out or curve them up according to the requirements of the dresses that are to be put on them, this makes them the most ideal types where quick dress on and dress off is preferred.

3: Clothing can match the Style of Your Brand

With the ability to be utilized in various poses, these types of mannequins are ideal for brands and outlets that require something different. The display windows in sports brands like Nike or Adidas for example have mannequins both in running positions and also in working out positions. This feature in these types of mannequins highlights the true nature of brands, no matter how out of the box they might be and portray just the right image for their clients and customers. This is truly a distinctive feature of these type of mannequins and has contributed a great deal towards their modern popularity.

4: Ability to Change Individual Parts

Although the hard materials used in the construction of these mannequins enable them to be very strong and durable, but with time and elemental effects, they can lose color or shine and also some chips can come off with handled roughly. In those situations the articulated types of mannequins because of their moveable and removable parts have the ability for individual limbs to be replaced rather than the whole mannequin itself. The limbs can easily be removed and the new ones can be just as easily put in place of the old ones. This feature is particularly beneficial for long term cost benefit and saves the hassle of getting new ones all the time as well.
Because of all these great features and many more, these articulated types of mannequins are highly recommended for display window usage by various brands regardless of their nature and style of clothing.

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