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Why you should Embed Twitter Widget on your Website?


Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and is widely used  to expose brands to a vast, already engaged audience. Twitter Widget platform is indeed the easiest way to draw the attention of the active users of the platform. But, considering the steadfast growth in competition, brands need to do something more to be able to stand out.

Embedding Twitter feeds is the most that brands need to consider. By embedding feeds, brands can easily fetch the attention of their website visitors, instill credibility into their minds and keep them hooked to the functioning of the brand. Looking forward to knowing all the amazing benefits that you can derive from embedding the Twitter widget on the website? Keep reading.

The Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Widget On Your Website

1. Increase Visitor’s Engagement Significantly

Adding Twitter feeds to your website provides you with an amazing opportunity to engage with your visitors, as it boosts the conversation-building chances of the brands with their users.

Further, when visitors land upon your website for the first time, they will get inspired to check your brand out, thanks to the content that your users are posting on Twitter about you. Thus, helping you achieve your KPI-user engagement without much of any effort.

2. Gives Your Website A Responsive Look

User-generated content is unique, vibrant, and ever-fresh. Users, today, are proactively creating content that is unadulterated and credible. Resourcing this content can potentially improve the appeal that your website has on the visitor’s mind.

Further, the feeds get updated in real-time, which means that you will have abundant content that can potentially make a difference.

Additionally, the growing need of creating an impactful first impression is well taken care of by embedding Twitter feeds.

3. Build Trust With Social Proof

Social proof is the idea that people copy the actions of others in an attempt to imitate behavior in some situations.  By showcasing Twitter feeds, you can greatly influence the purchase decision of the buyers through social proof.

When prospects land upon your business for the time-time, they are quite uncertain about it. This is where you show UGC generated on Twitter and convince them that your products are worth investing in. Browsing through real experiences of people makes the best inspiration for converting leads.

Further, to be able to conduct business successfully in the digital sphere, building trust amongst the audience is quintessential. Here, embedding the feeds generated on Twitter can be your best bet.

4. Humanizes The Brand

When users feel they are a part of your brand, that overrides your average brand-user relationship. But the question that comes here is, how do you foster community building with your customers? Simply by humanizing your brand.

Like every other relationship, this too, demands interactions. When you give customers a voice and share what they have to say, you give them a bigger reason to love your brand.

Content generated by your users on Twitter showcases brand value and story in and out. This imbibes authenticity and makes the customer want to come back to you.

5. Highlights Celebrity Interactions With Your Brand

Let us all agree, celebrity endorsement and advocacy is a thing among users across the globe. When people find their favorite celebrities endorse brands, they get influenced to check the brand out and also make a purchase.

Embedding what celebrities have to say about your brand through Tweets is a rather potential strategy to increase website traffic and the impact created on the minds of the website visitors. Further, content shared by celebrities when coupled with UGC can also help you with a wider reach, thus, a double whammy!

6. Potentially Boosts Conversions

We are in an age where visual UGC is shared like wildfire on digital media platforms. People love to see what their peers and others have to say about any and everything on social media platforms.

When people come across compelling visuals shared on Twitter, it automatically ignites their attention, and they automatically want to check that out and get motivated to make a purchase.

This behavior is particularly noted in millennials, who contribute over 70% of all UGC and spend 18 hours a day engaged in various types of media. 30% of this time is spent watching visuals generated by the users.

Further, it also acts as a powerful medium of word-of-mouth marketing that your brand should be on the hunt for.

Over To You

Now that you know the amazing benefits of embedding Twitter feeds on your website, why wait still?  It is time for you to build a strategy and create a dent in the digital sphere of conducting business.

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