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Why Is It Important To Undergo Strength Training

Whether you’re starting out on your fitness journey or just a hobbyist fitness aficionado, incorporating strength training routines into your regular fitness regime will do wonders for your health and body. Strength training is not just about building muscle but rather provides total body toning and conditioning.
Here’s why it’s important to undergo strength training in every fitness workout or regime at Cult Bangalore.

  1. It’s Good for Your Bones

If you’re suffering from low bone density issues and need to improve your bone health, then strength training will do natural wonders for your bones. By attending strength training sessions, three to four times a week, you’ll be successfully able to reverse bone and muscle loss in your body and make steady gains.
Your lean muscle mass degrades by 1% every year from the minute you hit puberty and strength training is a great way to prevent muscle degeneration or bone loss.

  1. It Keeps The Weight Off

Strength Training burns a lot of calories, a LOT. It increases the number of calories burned during normal daily activities, besides providing a killer workout for your body. This tones your body, helps you to continue burning extra calories after regular workouts and keeps those kilos off for good down the lane.

  1. Improved Mind-Muscle Connection

Strength training improves your flexibility and mind-muscle connection. Your balance and coordination skills are also enhanced. It’s not just good looks which strength training offers and workouts involve much more than that.
Mind-muscle connection is no BS and research indicates that frequent resistant training sessions activate often ignored muscle groups and exercises better control over them.

  1. Health Benefits

If you have trouble sleeping during the nights, strength training will come to your rescue. Endorphin levels are elevated through alternate-day strength training sessions and scientific research indicates strength training to be a great natural anti-depressant.
Research shows that strength training reduces your risk of metabolic syndrome, improves insulin sensitivity, and lowers risks of diabetes and obesity.
Besides mood and sleep, strength training improves your cardiovascular conditioning and improves blood circulation. You will get stronger, leaner, and healthier by incorporating strength training workouts into your fitness routine and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

  1. It Protects You From Injuries

By building vital muscle mass near your bones and joints, you protect your bones and safeguard yourself from injuries. Strength Training will enable you to maintain your mobility and independence as you progress with age, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest perks of any fitness routine.
You also lower your chances of developing osteoporosis by attending regular strength training sessions.
Cult Bangalore recommends doing strength training three to four times a week for best results.

  1. Body Toning

If you can’t do pushups and planks for the love of your life, strength training will help. Besides toning your body and providing phenomenal muscle conditioning, strength training exercises are well-rounded in nature and target every muscle group from the front to the back. When combined with cardio, strength training exercises will help you tone your body and sculpt it into your dream figure.
If you’re a beginner, it is important to seek the guidance of an expert mentor or fitness instructor who is well versed with the different nuances of strength training.
Cult Bangalore classes provide an excellent walk through of various physical training, strength training exercises and welcome beginners with no prior fitness or workout experience. We have state of the art equipment and even feature world-class fitness trainers in our fitness faculty.

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