When Your Child Is Ready For Montessori, A Special Guide

Children often grow up fast. Or, they make your life so full of happiness that it seems that they are growing up fast. As you see, your new born baby is ready to go to school in only a few years. The child may be innocent and naive, but is ready to face the world bravely. It is a very emotional moment for parents when their child is joining school. Montessori is after all the stepping stone of your child’s education.

When the child is ready for school, the parents face a big challenge of selecting the right school for their child. Here are certain things to know when you are enrolling your kid into a preschool –

When you think of putting your child into school, make sure he is of the right age. Most schools do not admit younger children. So, there are certain age limits according to government rules. Usually, when the child is more than three or four years, he is allowed for preschool. So, when your child is at least four, you can put him in to school.

When you decide of schooling your child, you must short list a few schools that are good. Make a list of all the top Montessori schools in Mumbai and how close they are to your home. Proximity is also important in case the child needs you immediately. Also, check the reputations of each of the schools both online and through parents who have their children in the school.

When you decide a particular school for your kid, visit the school and look into their environment. Do they have good infrastructure? Is their school clean and hygienic? Observe the nature of their teaching and caring of the kids.

Visit the classroom that your child will be in and talk to the teacher who is in-charge of your child. Talking with them will let you know if your child will be safe hands while you are away.

The child will not like school on the first few days of the experience. This is quite natural because he would have not had the experience of meeting new people and being a in a different environment. So, before your child begins his school, you must warm him up for the totally new experience. Provide social experience for your child. Take him to play dates and kids gatherings. Let him meet the kids of his own age. This way he will be ready to make new friends and be a part of a new place when the time comes.

Before the first day of the school, you must have already taken your child to the new place and made it familiar for him. Once you have taken the child to visit the place several times, he will have a sense of familiarity about the place which will play a major role in clearing all the fears of first day in school.

When you put your child into a school, make sure it is one of the top pre schools in Mumbai. Your child’s safety and comfort are after all the most important things.

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