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Types Of Online Casino Bonuses You Should Know

You might have seen live casinos, their blazing lights and their efforts to entice customers to revisit them. Well, what about online casinos? How do they attract new and the old players to come again to their site and play? The answer is bonuses. Reload bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, new player bonuses, match bonuses and much more.

As long as it is the matter of online casino bonus, it is an investment just like live casinos provides coupons and free hotel rooms and free drinks. It is an evident fact that all the casinos want their customers to come back and play again with the hope of winning bonuses or jackpots.

Before you invest your money, you need to understand the terms and conditions of premium value as no online casinos give away the winning amount for free. So make sure you have gone through the regulations before you sign up for any particular game. Most of them are linked to wagering or play-through requirements which mean you have to bet for a certain number of times before you are allowed to withdraw the winning amount.

Read the rules first if the offer looks too good to be true. You can collect some knowledge by paying attention to the following details of the types of the bonuses:

Sign-up or welcome bonus

This bonus is one of the most common types of rewards one can earn. Sign-up bonus deal, also known as a welcome bonus can help you make thousands of bucks if you meet the wagering requirement. Thus, once you sign-up in a new gambling site, you have chances to win one of the best bonus you can ever have in the history of your online gaming experience.

One thing you need to note down when you gamble online is that this new player bonus is available for those only who have gone through complete registration procedure and have made a deposit. Make sure you are interested in the game before signing up as you get this type of bonus only once per site and that’s why it is also known as a new player bonus. You can withdraw your money before you get started on an another site or can continue playing on multiple sites to have an advantage of the scheme.

Match deposit

In this type of bonus, an online casino matches the amount you have deposited so that you can play with the double amount of your deposit. If you have stored $10, the casino provides you $10 for free, and hence you can play with $20. Once you get closer to winning amount or earn some real money bonus, the casino offers you 50% of match bonus with your second deposit. That means, if you are betting with $100 deposit, you get extra $50 from the casino and thus you can play with $150.

It is good to look around for the excellent match bonus offers on sign-ups as it increases your confidence of playing along with the chances of winning. Most of the online casinos promote their sign-up bonuses conspicuously on the front page.

No deposit

No deposit bonus is the most appealing offer casinos provide to maintain the flow of new players on their sites. With this bonus, a casino gives you a chance to win some real money even before you deposit a single penny. That means you can earn money free of cost in such online gambling clubs.


Refer-a-friend bonus, as the name itself implies, is offered to players when they send an invite to another friend through e-mail asking them to wager in the particular site. It is a fruitful offer as all you have to do is recommend the game to your friends, family or colleagues and if they sign-up with your reference, you receive few percentage of their initial deposit.

You can also include points mentioned above as the reason for the popularity of online casino games. You can go to if you are curious to know more about gambling sites and their offers. Thanks for sridevi chart reading!


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