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Types of discount coupons and what are their benefits?

discount coupons

Discount coupons are an effective marketing tool that online stores actively use to increase demand for their products. Are discount coupons really profitable, what are their pros and cons, what types exist – questions, the answers to which are useful for any buyer to know.

Purchase certificate

A coupon certificate can be purchased on special sites, paying for it using a bank card, cell phone or virtual money. The most convenient services (for example, cover a wide variety of products and services – from visiting a restaurant to buying household appliances. There are also specialized systems selling discounts on clothing, furniture, etc.

  • Benefits. tredz discount code costs may be 50-90% lower than the actual value of the product. Having paid for the certificate once, the buyer receives the goods for free or is calculated only for its delivery. You can use the coupon online by specifying its details on the website of the online store. Certificates are offered not only for goods, but also for various services: visiting a medical center, cleaning an apartment, and so on.
  • Disadvantages. The use of the certificate may be limited. For example, a coupon for a visit to a beauty salon may include only certain hours that are not convenient for the client. Or, say, with its help you can only buy jeans of size 36, while 38 is required.

Discount coupons

This type of coupon is interesting for buyers who want to purchase certain products. With its help, you can reduce the cost of goods by an average of 10-20%. Discount coupons can be found on special sites, in advertising mailings, on the pages of magazines and newspapers, and obtained from promoters. Online stores themselves provide them: when purchasing goods for a certain amount, within the framework of ongoing promotions.

  • Benefits. With the help of a discount coupon, the client receives the desired product at a reduced cost.
  • Disadvantages. Such coupons often provoke the purchase of products that are absolutely unnecessary for the buyer. The amount of the discount can be included by the online store in the cost of the goods.

“Free” goods

There are also coupons that allow you to get hold of a certain item for free. Such certificates can be issued as part of an advertising campaign, promoting a new product, attracting customers.

  • Benefits. The customer does not pay for the item or coupon.
  • Disadvantages. Free products often turn out to be completely unnecessary, a person in vain pays for its delivery.

The same category includes coupons that allow you to get a second item for free. In fact, this service does not differ from the traditional “two shampoos for the price of one” promotion. If we are talking about a large purchase, you can negotiate with friends or relatives and divide the cost of the first product for two.

Member discount coupons

A person can accidentally or specifically register in some community, which will send discount coupons to his email address.
Benefits. This is convenient as a community member does not pay for coupons and does not have to specifically search for them. To use bonuses or not is a personal choice of everyone.
Disadvantages. Bright advertising offers can provoke unnecessary expenses.
Having become the owner of a discount coupon or thinking about buying a certificate for a product, it is worth comparing the prices of the online store with the offers of other virtual outlets, inquiring about the cost of delivery. This will allow you to understand whether using the coupon will really save you.

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