Trophies – A Symbol of Achievement and Encouragement for Winners

The success of business or that of a company or sports is encouraged by acknowledging the achiever. The concept of trophies has been created to make the winner feel good about the fact at he has won after a lot of struggle. There are many business professionals whose abilities are acknowledged with increasing revenues. But if they are encouraged with a trophy for their success, then it can go a long way to mark their steady position and increment in the industry.

How are Trophies Beneficial?

  • Recognition: This is the main aspect of giving trophies to individuals or a team of workers. There are companies that have many associates who work day and night to increase the profit of the company. So the organization also takes time out to recognize the effort of the individuals and create opportunity and boost their morale. In ancient times, designer wooden plaques and trophies were used to commemorate the victory of individuals for any racing or game events.
  • Increasing morale: The increase in morale is an important factor in any business environment. So the trophies are highly beneficial so that the employees enjoy the opportunity to be praised by the higher management. Once the individual comes to know that he will be rewarded, it will automatically boost his morale and will work harder to get more recognition.

The Boosted Productivity of Employees Also Increase Revenue and Sales for A Certain Company: 

  • Boosted productivity: The trophies play a major role in boosting the productivity of an individual. This is because they feel satisfied and secured about their job. They feel encouraged when their peers congratulate them for their achievement. The honor that they receive for their work motivates them to perform even better.
  • The trophies also encourage other employees to improve their performance so that they get the recognition next time. They also try to work harder and do not want to miss the opportunity to compete their peer.

Why Participation Trophies?

The parents in general feel that children should be given participation trophies as an encouragement to improve their performance every year. This has a positive effect to be more active and strive for excellence. The best way to reward a child’s effort is by giving them trophy for their achievement.

Any Kind of Trophy for Children Enhances Their Morale and Induces Them to Work Better:

The children tend to work harder and focus on their effort to improve if they are praised for their ability. The confidence in children is boosted in this way especially in sports field.

  • The kids are encouraged to participate and that in itself is a first path to success. The level of perseverance is increased due to trophies especially among children.
  • The children who are acknowledged for their hard work and participating in any event always have positive attitude towards life. They do not allow any negative feelings to thrive within them.
  • The trophies are well crafted physical awards are not just something to be kept on a mantel piece but has huge psychological effects on the winner.
  • This is the best reward that can be given to an achiever. If an individual or a team has won a trophy, then it means that their effort is really commendable. It is an identification of success that one has received in any aspect of life.

It is like an encouragement that ensures commitment to achieve for a long time to come. It not only gives a deep sense of commitment to the achiever but also gives an impetus to others to achieve success in future.

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