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Biofeedback therapy

Is it possible to trace the stress levels and get cured with mental health balancing? Yes, it is. The contemporary diagnosis, collaborating Biofeedback therapy with the technology, has enabled many curing methods to deal with human medical conditions, including mental health. It is a proven fact that physiological problems have a connection to psychological issues and vice versa.

Scientifically proven solutions are helping people with the best curing experience and better health. Biofeedback therapy can track the stress and anxiety levels in psychologically disturbed persons and provide them with the best solutions.

What is Biofeedback Therapy?

Biofeedback therapy is a modern diagnosis method which functions in terms of interconnection between mind and body. It studies the body conditions by analysing the data collected through the sensors attached to the human body. These sensors will help to trace the body functions and the working levels of the body parts.

The sensors will provide feedback through visual or auditory means. It can trace the body’s improper functioning and its components, which helps to achieve control over anxiety, stress, or any other psychological conditions. Thus, this therapy is of great use in the contemporary diagnosis, especially in stress management and anxiety treatment.

Basically, in this method, relaxation methods are used to put down the stress levels. It primarily collects the data about breathing rates, brain waves, body temperature, muscle tension, blood pressure, sweat gland activity or heart rate to trace the stress levels.

Doctors will provide the therapy according to the individual’s requirement. Other than stress and anxiety management, for conditions like chronic pain, epilepsy, headache, Raynaud’s disease and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), therapy is an excellent option.

The therapists will avail relaxation methods or techniques to the patient by understanding the variations in the behaviour patterns, such as mood swings. Therapists will only give the treatment after finding out the root cause of their behavioural patterns. It is not a therapy that solely concentrates on the disease’s curse, but a practical solution for a permanent cure for better mental health. The strategically planned treatment methods by the therapists or doctors will leave the patient with better results.

The most common biofeedback devices include both mobile devices and wearable devices. The primary data, such as the heartbeat rate, respiration rate, etc., are gauged using the sensor connected to the computer. With wearable devices, mobile applications can analyse these data, sending alerts or notifications when the patient suffers from high levels of anxiety or stress and could provide remedies like breathing exercises to restore calmness.

How does it become more effective?

Biofeedback therapy helps trace the stress levels. It can help the patient become better without medication. More than a treatment, it is a training method to practice control over the mind by involving relaxation practices. Anyone can acquire new techniques and skills to keep the mind in good condition, by balancing the emotions, through this therapy.

Rather than medication, its preference is on better health practices, making the patient more psychologically strong and healthy. More than anything else, the patient’s involvement in the therapy sessions will make the best results as the therapy requires the patient’s dedication to practice the treatment methods regularly. So, the active participation of the patient is a must-have for yielding better results.

There are different types of biofeedback methods. Experts suggest the required kind of therapy by checking the stress levels and health problems of the patient. Based on the involuntary function assessment, therapists will decide the treatment pattern and strategy.

There are respiratory biofeedback, neurofeedback, galvanic skin response, heart rate variability biofeedback, etc., which help according to the patient’s condition. The sensors are attached to different parts of the body like chest, abdomen, head, fingers, feet, etc., according to the type of therapy recommended by the doctor or the therapist.

The therapists will help the patient to get rid of stress levels with methods like breath controlling, healthy practices like mindfulness, meditation, muscle relaxation techniques, etc. As there is no medication involved, one can go for therapy without thinking about the side effects.

They will increase awareness about one’s own body by paying attention to its response to anxiety and stress. Once the patient becomes aware of his body conditions and requirements, there is more scope for the cure from the disease, where the awareness itself is sometimes the better medicine. There will be a drastic change in both psychological and physiological illness by balancing and controlling the mind and emotions.

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