Kundan Pendant in Chandigarh

Things To Consider For Kundan Jewellery Purchased From Top Jewellers in Chandigarh

All of us have grown up listening to those “Dadi-Nani” stories narrating how huge empire the Raja Rani’s had and especially the type of food and exquisite jewellery they wore. The stories turned into reality watching them on the big screens in the form of Bollywood drama but, what actually attracted the audiences has always been those pretty class-apart kundan jewellery they have been flaunting around.

Isn’t it?

Kundan jewellery especially Kundan Pendant is one of the top choices amongst the jewellery lovers. But, when it comes to buying Kundan Jewellery or kundan pendant in Chandigarh, one definitely needs a few smart tips to buy like a pro.

Here are a few smart tips to follow for smartly purchasing your favourite Kundan piece.

  • If you wish to follow style and perfection in terms of elegance driven looks, buy Kundan but if you are a money saver go for Gold.
  • Jadau and Polki are the higher versions of the normal Kundan jewellery. Jewellery lovers can definitely go for any of these instead of just buying a normal Kundan set.
  • The whole cluster of Kundan artisans are mainly settled in Rajasthan, so one can enquire about the same when buying their favourite set.
  • Kundan’s mostly come wrapped in Gold which makes it a perfect piece to look for stamps or authentications. This will help keep away from frauds.
  • If the jewellery turns black after a few days of its wearing, it’s not Gold and also if it doesn’t turn even slightly black with regular use, it’s not original Silver.

Make sure to check for these points while buying your favourite Kundan set from any of the jewellers in Chandigarh.

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