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Top 5 Tips To Shoot Better Drone Real Estate Videos

With the rapid advancements in the field of technology, the need for drones is increasing vigorously. Through it, the real estate agents can better portray their sites. Taking high-quality aerial images with the help of a helicopter is very expensive. Drones have become a substitute for it. Real estate agents always look for professionals so as to get impressive images of their real estate. Drones make the images look more appealing as well as compelling. The shots captured through it aren’t blurry at all. With the help of it, one can create virtual tours. Virtual tours seldom do well in the world of real estate business.

Let us know about the Top 5 Tips To Shoot Better Drone Real Estate Videos:

  1. Landscape: The Landscape must be efficiently prepared before capturing interesting images of the real estate. The other objects present in the site can make the photos cumbersome and less compelling. The main focus should be on the real estate therefore the landscape should be properly arranged before drone photography. An improper arrangement can make the editing tedious and arduous.
  1. Settings: The settings are another important factor to consider while capturing real estate images. The operation of the camera should be flexible. It is mandatory to tweak the photo settings before any drone shoots. The ratio of the images can be changed according to customer needs. While flying a drone, adjusting the manual focus is necessary.
  1. Flight Modes: Drone videos Melbourne come with numerous flight Modes. You can conveniently change the way of taking photographs. Drone photography is an art that can be mastered through training, practice, and experiences. The professionals must experiment with flight Modes in order to improve their skills. You can survive in this industry only when your photos get appreciated.
  1. Adjust Your Height: Height is one of the most important factors affecting your drone photography. Most of the professionals have the tendency of capturing images from a very high altitude. However, that should not be the case at all. You should adjust it to a low altitude and capture images. The detailings of the property would be much more visible from a lower altitude. It is not always necessary to capture images from a high altitude. The property should be the center of attraction, not the ground or roofs.
  1. Editing: The most important tip to shoot better drone images is through careful editing. Through a real estate video editor, all the dull aerial images can look more professional and incredible. Harsh shadows can be easily removed. The raw images can be beautifully edited. All you need is your time, efforts, and a real estate video editor.


Aerial photos and drone videos Melbourne are necessary in order to point out the property features. Visual stories with sounds will surely help you to sell your property at effective rates. Many times, the virtual tours increase the value of your property.

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