Tips to make your hijab look trendy

Hijab is something which one has to wear to cover their head. Now, wearing a plain and regular hijab can be boring or monotonous. Then why not accessorize it in such a way that it looks different and fashionable at the same time?

Well, so when you do online hijab shopping, go for both solid coloured hijabs and also some printed hijabs so that you can match them with your outfits. You can also add some spark to your hijabs by accessorizing it. Just add a bit more and see the difference.

Here are some instances on how you can make it look fashionable. For this, you do not have to tweak the hijab but just adding a twist to it may definitely bring some goodness to it.

  • Add a head band to your hijab. This is the easiest way by which you can make it look different. There are innumerable varieties of head bands that are available these days. Go for plain solid coloured bands or go for some heavy ones; all of them will work nicely. You can also just tie a bow instead of a head band as bows are always in fashion. Wear the head band simply on top of the hijab or wear it on your hair and then wrap the hijab around it. Both ways it will look stylish. This style does not need much effort and even it looks very trendy.

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  • Have you ever thought of wearing a teeka with hijabs? If no, then think about it now. Teekas are mostly worn by brides, but you can also accessorize it with your hijab. If you are going to a wedding party or a family occasion, then you can always play this trick. Take a pearl or a silver teeka and wear it on your hair. Then wrap the hijab around it. It will look really classy with your gorgeous outfit. If the teeka is not easily attachable, then fix it with some pins with the hijab so that it does not fall.

  • These days, using neck pieces as head gears have become fashion. Then why not try it with hijab as well? ¬†Well, take some small neck pieces or some chunky ones and use it as a head gear. Wear the hijab and tie the neck piece around it. Also, you can wear the neck piece as a teeka and then wrap the hijab so that the central part of the neck piece only comes out.

  • If you are not in the mood of adding anything to your hijab, then just make it look trendy with some hijab pins. They are available in different colours and shapes and so you can pin them up on a perky way that a simple hijab also looks stylish. Wear a pair of earrings or a neck piece along with it to make it even more fashionable.

One can go to hijab online shop and choose from the endless designs and varieties that are available these days.

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