Things To Know About Mannequins

Mannequins, the sculpted or articulated structures resembling humans are often seen in malls, markets and bazaars outside shops or in the display windows of retail stores. Mannequins are made on the principal to replicate humans. Therefore they look quite same as humans in their body structure as well as their features. Mannequins are made with many materials depending on their usage. But most commonly these are made with polystyrene and fiberglass. These articulated dolls can be positioned in many humanly poses. With their flexible, movable and bendable body they can be moved, bend and give very realistic and lifelike look.
Articulated MannequinsAs said earlier mannequins are human replicas and to be perfect human replica mannequins need to be designed such way that their body parts can be moved in similar directions as humans. Mannequins have their body designed as humans and to move their body parts in directions in which humans can move, their body parts like arms, legs, knees and shoulders are jointed. With the help of these jointed body parts they can be moved in very humanly manner, these give them more realistic and humanly look.
To look perfectly like humans mannequins need their features to be very carefully sculpted. Features include ears, nose, eyes, lips and abs etc. These features give more clear and original look to the mannequins. But most of the time these details are not needed. Therefore mannequins with such details are categorized separately. They are called realistic mannequins because they give very realistic look.
Articulated mannequins are categorized in different categories depending on their make, features and other such features. Mannequins are used for many different purposes. They are used in medical sciences to teach new and young medical students different cures, are used in military for different purposes and there are many fields in which they are used courts, criminal investigations, scientific experiments, movies, simulations to name a few.
However the most common use of mannequins is in the display windows. They are used to market different products to buyers. Adjustable mannequins being human replicas do this heavy lifting quite nicely and effectively. A tailor can put his variety on display, mannequins wearing different kinds of products tell buyers which kind of products tailor has been sewing. Similarly a bridal wear store can display different mannequins with bridal dresses and accessories. With artistic poses in which mannequins can be posed give very beautiful look to the display window and grab the customer attraction.
Flexible mannequins have different versions as male, female and kid’s mannequins. With help of these variants a huge audience from the society can be targeted. Also available in different sizes, colors and shapes articulated mannequins leave no one out of their target.

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