The Top 10 Spiritual Channels in India

India is a country in South Asia with a population of over 1.2 billion people which makes it the 2nd most populous country in the world. The Indian subcontinent is also home to many religions and spiritual movements like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and others. The country is even the birthplace of Hinduism which is regarded as the 3rd largest religion in the world with well over a billion adherents and followers. These religions have always evoked feelings of devotion in the followers and these millions of adherents have had needs of either worshipping at the places of worship scattered all over the country or tune in to religious programmes on their TV channels. However, not all these adherents of the various religions in India can afford to worship at the magnificent religious centers. Many of them simply connect live with their religion gurus, teachers, evangelists, and rabbis on spiritual channels using the internet digital technology. One of such a service provider is yupptv which delivers online TV content to subscribers in the Indian subcontinent and around the world.
Do you know that you can watch spiritual channels online live through yupptv? You can also view your favorite spiritual channels live through the platform. The top 10 spiritual TV channels available on yupptv include:
Sri Sankara TV Live
This is an Indian multilingual spiritual channel offering programmes promoting and depicting Hindu religion, religious discourses and Bhajans.
Shalom Television
This is an Indian Catholic TV channel broadcasting from Kerala.It shows daily Holy Mass and the Nasrani rosary recitation. Other programmes like christian musical shows, competitions, quiz shows and family-oriented shows are also part of its broadcast menu. If you a devoted Catholic, the Shalom TV is highly recommended if you want to watch spiritual channels online.
Aastha TV
This is a spiritual TV network.Its broadcast menu include spiritual discourses,religious events, devotional music and meditation techniques.
Sanskar TV
This is also an India TV channel broadcasting programmes on Indian philosophy, spiritual solidarity,religion and Indian culture.
Bhakthi TV
This is the 1st 24/7 satellite devotional television channel in Telugu. Its broadcast menu include religious programmes on Hinduism and it is available for viewers across the globe.
The TV channel is the 1st 24-hour satellite Telugu TV spiritual channel broadcasting Hindu devotional programmes and relaying poojas performed in Tirupati in India.It is highly recommended for those who love to watch spiritual channels online.
Aastha Bhajan TV
This is an Hindi-language only 24/7 TV channel broadcasting Hindu religion programmes.
Prarthana TV
This is a 24/7 Odia language spiritual television channel. Its broadcast menu include religious programmes and discourses as well as devotional songs.
Samskruthi TV
This channel is now renamed TV 1 and is a spiritual channel in Telugu daily broadcasting religious and spiritual programs to its audience and viewers across the globe.
Arihant TV
The last TV channel on our list is an Hindi-language Jain TV channel broadcasting Jain religion programs to viewers across the world.This TV channel is highly recommended to devoted adherents of Jainism who desire to watch spiritual channels live using the internet.
In essence, yupptv is the best TV content provider when it comes to the streaming of spiritual TV channels online. The listed top 10 spiritual channels can easily be streamed online using any of your connected TVs, PCs, internet STBs, gaming consoles, smartphone and tablets, and even your smart Blu-ray players.

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