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The Protection Plans Offered by American Residential Warranty

It is among the home warranty companies allowing homeowners to choose preferred contractors to handle their repairs in case of appliance breakdowns in the various home systems. The company usually offers different packages with different prices as low as twenty dollars per month and it has amazing reviews from the customers.

It has been availing home warranty plans to its customers since 1946 and the quality of its services has gained the company a good reputation. The warranty options are unique and affordable to interested parties like the electronics coverage with favorable prices and rates.

 Real estate and homeowner packages

The real estate and homeowner plans have the same type of coverage the only difference is that they are sold at different phases of buying or home owning. The home warranty plans usually cover home systems and appliances that require repairs from the normal tear and wear. The company offers six different plans for real estate experts and homeowners namely:

  • 4 in 1 bundle
  • Heating and cooling
  • Platinum premier
  • 3 in 1 bundle
  • Kitchen plus
  • Platinum

Individuals can also have additional coverage for their electronics through the ultimate electronics protection add-on coverage. The homeowner coverage is specifically designed for people who are not in the due process of purchasing or selling a home. The real estate professional plans are modified to favor the professionals in providing protection to the homebuyers from the needed repairs that are discovered after a home purchase. All the plans have optional coverage add-ons given for an extra fee with a 30-days waiting period before the coverage officially starts.

Deluxe advantages are:

  • Air conditioning and coils
  • Recapture of the refrigerant
  • Plumbing fixtures and faucets
  • The improper installations
  • Garage door tracks and springs
  • Toilet and internal mechanism
  • Incompatible systems

The ultimate electronics protection (some limits and exclusions apply) include:

  • Home theatre systems
  • Computers (desktops and laptops)
  • Gaming console
  • Television (flat-screen television sets)
  • The hand-held gaming appliances
  • Printers
  • Tablets

The optional add-on coverage (if not part of an individual plan)

  • The air conditioning advantages like replacement of the refrigerant and leaking coils repairs.
  • Plumbing advantages covering wax seals on toilets cover faucets and internal parts.
  • Deluxe advantages usually availed for the Platinum Premier Plan only.
  • Food spoiling
  • Well, pumps including the cost of digging and replacement of the well.
  • Pools and spas
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Plumbing systems included in Platinum Premier
  • Extra  A/C
  • Extra freezer or refrigerator
  • Ceiling fans included in the Platinum Premier.
  • Water heaters included in the Platinum, Kitchen Plus and Platinum Premier.
  • Ice maker available in Platinum Premier.
  • External sewer and water line and it includes re-paving the driveways, associated excavation levies, re-seeding grass, and unlocking the setup lines.
  • Extra oven, cooktop, or range.

The payout caps

They differ depending on the item and plan covered and the total payout per the contract terms inclusive of the covered systems and items amounts to approximately five thousand US Dollars. The payout cap value is approximately similar to other providers of home warranty the difference is that the payment cap numbers in existence that from other providers.

Repair period

From the time an issue is reported requiring repairs technicians are deployed to the specific home to take care of the repairs within two days. In case it is an emergency repair, the repair services are dispatched to the home within a day.

Emergency repair services in the company are defined as an actual or suspected breakdown of a covered system or item that affects the safety of inhabiting the covered home. For example a breakdown of the covered central home A/C system when the temperatures of the covered home surpass 90 degrees Fahrenheit or they drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Customer service

The company has reliable customer service that responds to their customer’s questions. To have your claims checked, call 844-885-8621, or one can submit their claims on their online platforms.  The customer service handles all claims with the highest level of professionalism and within a short time frame usually two days.

Plan pricing for homeowner and real estate

The company gives various flexible payment options for the selected plans and it could be annually, quarterly or monthly. If the plans offer similar coverage at all the states and prices are identical.

Pricing in the Optional Coverage

Pricing in the optional coverage plan is similar in all states and optional programs and the add-in coverage are obtainable for real estate and homeowner plans. The American Warranty offers the best pricing as compared to their competitors.


  • If offers electronic coverage
  • It has a thirty-day money return guarantee
  • One can use their own licensed contractors
  • It has competitive payout caps
  • The pricing is competitive and affordable


  • It is at times confusing to know the partners one works with
  • The warranty just covers 20 systems ad items and it is less than others


Found in the terms and conditions page of the company and there are minimal in comparison with the other providers of a home warranty. Mentioned cosmetic problems include chippings, dents, and scratches.

  • The built-in microwave includes glass doors, rotisseries, cosmetic problems, clocks, and countertop units.
  • Dishwasher: cosmetic problems, racks, rollers, and baskets
  • Garage door opener: hinges, cables, wheels, lights, handles, springs track assemblies, and wheel tracks.
  • Ceiling fans: walls fan, removable attachment, a light fixture on ceiling fans, and remote transmitter unit.
  • Kitchen exhaust fan: cosmetic problem, filters, and the rooftop exhaust units.
  • Waste disposal: any form of damage or failure that results from bones or any foreign materials.
  • Entire-house humidifier: filters, demineralization cartridge, cosmetic problems additives for bacteria treatment, movable room humidifier, UV light bulb, and wicks.
  • The central heating system: pellet stoves, parts related to water or geothermal heat pumps, heat lamps, chimneys, solar heating system, liners, flues, timer, grills, register, fireplaces, portable heat unit, vents, filters, fuel storage tanks and portable heat units.

In conclusion, American Residential Warranty has various home warranty plans for their highly-esteemed customers. There are several exclusions in the following areas; Kitchen exhaust fan, Built-in microwave, ceiling fans, range/oven/cooktop, dishwasher, range hood, garage door opener, refrigerator (including ice maker), garbage disposal, whole-house humidifier, water heater, central home heating system, interior electrical system, plumbing system, central air conditioning system, clothes washing machine, clothes dryer, swimming pool/spa, external water line system, well pump system and A/C Advantage. Before committing to any plan either the homeowner or the real estate plan ensures all your requirements included in the plan.

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